How To Make It Easy To Hire Candidates

Each and every organisation that is meant to provide some or the other sort of products or serves to the consumers either by operating on a manufacturing plant or reservoirs for various oils and chemicals operates over some basic models that defines the work process of the organisation. Terms like feasibility study, development, testing, and maintenance are common in almost every industry and all these phenomenon are handled by the engineers.

Be it an IT firm or an oilfield plant, it is the engineers from different streams that carry out the entire process from beginning to end. Oilfield industries need to have the various types of engineers for carrying out various tasks. The working process of an oilfield is complicated and risky and hence people cannot end up hiring engineers who are not very efficient about the knowledge and work involved in the same. Hiring engineers can be a tough thing to do because one really needs to test their knowledge and the outlook towards the job they are looking for.

Having love for the work is important to make sure that everything is in the right hand. If you are looking for engineers and other staff for an oilfield industry based in the United States of America then on must look forward to the frontline source group that works efficiently for providing candidates to organisations that are looking for new hiring. One can contact the service providers for any sort or hiring needs such as short term recruiting, permanent recruiting and project based recruiting.

Temporary/ project based recruiting- some projects require additional support and that makes recruiters hire engineers and other staff members on a temporary basis. These recruitments are done on contractual basis and there are candidates who are willing to work for the same. There are people who like to work for some part of the year and then travel and enjoy life for the rest of the year left. Oil and gas recruiter keeps a list of such candidates who have applied to work on temporary jobs and contact them as per the need of the company. There is a test period for the employees as well. If the temporary employee fails to meet the expectation of the company then the same is replaced by the recruiters.

Direct hiring- this is the basic hiring technique where the oil and gas recruiters interviews eligible candidates depending upon the company’s demands and needs and then shortlist the best out of the lot and then send them for work. They oil and gas recruiters works on a 5 year warranty period for the employees they select and send forward.

The screening process is specially designed to refine the search process for a good and efficient employee for the companies. One can contact them and know about the various fields they hire people for and then allow them to provide you with the best candidates who work efficiently for you and your oilfield. Mechanical engineers and administrators can be easily hired through oil and gas recruiters.

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Infographic created by Clover Network, a credit card processing company


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Switching Car Insurance Company and Short-Term Auto Insurance

Before switching car insurance company, you have to consider the following:

Content Coverage: Before switching car insurance company, you should examine the coverage content by asking this question, is it the right coverage I need for my vehicle and is the price affordable by me? Is it cheaper than my present policy? What actually is the difference and am I ok with it? You are the only one who can answer these questions.

Financial Rating:

A sound financial rating, great customer services and good insurance claim delivery are what you will be looking for when you are planning to switch. This is vital in case when you are involved in accident and wants to make a claim. Always look out for insurance company with AAA or BBB rating.


This is one of the factors to consider before switching car insurance company. Are you at advantage with the new quote you are getting from car insurance company you are switching to? You are the only one that can answer this question.

Discounts offered:

Some car insurance company offers discount for having multiple policy. You should also consider if this is available.

What Are Needed to Switch Car Insurance Company?

In switching car insurance company, you should have the following at hand:

Car Details:

You should be able to provide the following information

    Car registration number

    Your estimated annual mileage

    Car details which includes model, specifications including make.

    Your details of claims and Convictions

    Driving license details for all drivers covered by the policy.

Personal Details:

      Your name, address, date of birth and employment status

      Additional information required of you.

Policy Need:

      You state the type of car insurance cover you need.

      The mileage you expect to cover

      Whether or not you have no claim bonus

      The amount you agree to pay for each claim

Short Term Auto Insurance

Short term car insurance is the kind of insurance taken to Insure your vehicle for a short duration of time. It can be for days, weeks or months.  There are circumstances that brought about this.


They may include the following;

  • When one purchase a new vehicle and need to take it home. He will need at least one day car insurance.


  • When one is on holiday and hires a vehicle to drive around the city. He may need day car insurance.


  • A relative may visit you and need to drive around the city; you can get one day auto insurance for him.


  • At times, you may need a bigger car or van to convey your bulky items to a particular location. One day auto insurance may be needed if you want to hire the van and drive it by yourself.


  • If you win an auction, one day car insurance may be needed to take the won car home.


Buying short term car insurance can be bought on the internet, car dealers and also from car insurance agents. One good advantage of short term auto insurance is that it can be concluded on the internet and printed out immediately. You can get cars on rent or lease at


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What is often missing when hosting an event?

There are many types of events that involve hosting guests. There are weddings, embassy receptions, massive birthday parties and others. Hosts should always put themselves in the shoes of their guests. This way, they can put together events that will satisfy the needs and expectations of said guests on most occasions.

However, sometimes hosts do not meet certain criteria and guests go home unsatisfied. This can occur due to many reasons. More often than not, hosts and managers can control how well these events flow.

We often hear the complaints of guests after certain events. We have compiled some of these for your consideration.

The event wasn’t lead effectively

If guests complain about this, it could be for multiple reasons. Maybe the event felt longer than it should because the time for each part wasn’t used at it should have been. Perhaps the time considerations weren’t realistic enough, and the event didn’t go as planned. Many of these are related to the interests and expectations of the guests.

To avoid this issue, be sure that:

-Your event is scheduled in a way that ensures the time is used effectively, so:

Give priority to parts that you know that will take longer.

Try to hire a host that is known for being effective, and that doesn’t divagate when talking.

Don’t let anyone hijack the event. Sometimes, people do this without even noticing, but you should be polite and take control of the situation. If someone from the public participates in the event, let them know that there is a limited amount of time available, if someone takes too long, interrupt this person politely and move on with the event.

Be sure that the event is evenly balanced: People can get bored during events. Don’t hesitate to manipulate the schedule so that it comes across as balanced as possible. For example, if the event contains entertainment and business content, be sure to balance them out in favor of the attendees and their priorities.

The hosts weren’t properly identified.

This is not very frequent, but sometimes at big events that are fast-paced, people fail to recognize their hosts fast enough. This is frequent at conventions and other events that involve a lot of attendees.

To avoid this, you can:

Have good identification resources for the hosts:

This can include a uniform, some easily identifiable clothing items. If you are at a facility that is being used by other companies, make sure that your host’s uniform sticks out from the rest.

Use a specific type of identification document or badge. In most big events, you will often need to clarify to the attendees who are their hosts. Use Badge holders so that your hosts can wear their ID cards or badges with their names at every moment. You can buy some badge holders UK for them online. Make sure they are of good quality too.

You can make sure that your hosts are vocal enough and identify themselves frequently. This can be convenient for smaller events, such as embassy receptions. However, when these are held at great locations, such as in a hotel’s event room, this won’t be very effective and may even be unnoticed by the participants.

The event was redundant

Some events are held twice a year or more. Whatever the frequency they may be held at,

they should always offer something new. Otherwise, participants will feel that they are losing their time there. They do not want to go to an event that felt like the previous one.

To avoid this situation, follow these tips:

After each event, make a list of all the results and reception that the event had:

This will help you notice if the event improved the relationship between hosts and guests.

Plan the next steps to improve this relationship:

If you already covered their interests and expectations, you can always aim for more. You can rely on current events for this. It is always good to consider what is going on in the world or the country if you want to stay relevant to the public. Hosting events is not an easy task, so stay informed and be relevant!


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Conquering the Collaboration – How Hot Desking Opens Doors in Business

The co-working trend is no longer a trend, and businesses are beginning to see real value in an office plan that allows professionals to lease the use of the hot desk, the dedicated desk and the amenities that come with the standard office. The most immediate benefit to this office plan is that it provides businesses with a low cost, effective way to lease office space.

While start-ups and the self-employed benefit from the variety of activities involved with co-working space, all businesses would benefit from adopting some aspects of this model.

A Servcorp dedicated desk and hot desk, for example, provide professionals with world-class IT services, in addition to the use of conference and meeting rooms and standard office equipment. The centre of much of the activity that surrounds co-working is the hot desk and dedicated desks, the core of much work and inspiration. The hot desk, especially, presents professionals with many opportunities to engage with others in a way that promotes industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how the hot-desk can open doors for you and your business.

Office Set-Up

The way the co-working office is organised promotes social interaction. Depending on the arrangement, you can have a number of professionals from a diverse array of industries sitting at one station. These stations might have a computer and/or internet access, and professionals find themselves interacting with whoever is seated at these stations. These stations are the first point-of-contact for networking in the office. Conversations run the gamut, but most focus on finding ways to boost productivity in the workplace.

Community Focus

Like many other offices that house business, co-working spaces forge out an identity, and more significantly, a community that defines their purpose. This identity is at the core of determining the types of social functions that galvanise the community. The hot desk only becomes the catalyst that introduces the professional to the community.

For example, some co-working spaces focus solely on the start-up, and events and activities focus on developing business ventures. Start-ups who need guidance and mentoring do well in these spaces. For the most part, by the time the professional is hot-desking, he/she has a good grasp of the community in which he/she works, in this case, the start-up community. In essence, hot-desking promotes the interaction that increases the likelihood they can meet others to exchange information, to get referrals, and to find mentors.

Networking And Collaboration

More than just idle chit-chat that occurs while working, the hot desk and the co-working environment that supports it is directly related to the amount of formal and informal networking that occurs. In addition to being an enclave of professionals, one of the core principles of co-working is sponsoring events and activities that promote the industry. These networking events are the foundation upon which much collaboration is started between professionals.

The collaboration is integral to businesses for a few reasons. In a business community where the consumer can find similar products, raising your company’s profile can bring in new business and more sales for your business. However, collaborations give you access to other resources and professionals that can help take your business to the next level. Imagine that, one simple interaction at a hot desk can translate into numerous business opportunities.

Opening Doors To More Opportunities

The hot desk can be the source of much informal networking, and in combination with the formal events, develop into collaboration opportunities. The co-working industry has seen success primarily because they have cornered the market by combining networking with collaboration and innovation to help businesses create some of the newest products. Furthermore, the upside is they do this for professionals and all on a dime.

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Ways to Spot the Best Trucking Company to Hire

Knowing what company to hire for all of your trucking needs is important. You cannot just hire anyone that shows up on your doorstep. You have to hire the right one that actually understands what your business does and what you need to have done through their business.

Understand some of the basic rules of choosing a trucking company to work with and then decide which one is going to help you make the best decision in the end.

Hire a Trucking Service That Compliments Your Business

When you can work seamlessly side by side, you both can benefit in the long run. When you are able to do this little is going to go wrong. However, you have to do a decent amount of background work to find out how this is going to benefit you in the long run. Without this background work, you’re going to have a hard time finding the right company for the job.

Do Your Research

Never worry about hiring someone that is not able to complete the job or costs too much or any other issues that might arise. Hire someone that you feel comfortable and confident working with when you do your research. Never jump on the first one you speak with. Get a feel for all of the trucking companies in Canada and then choose which one to work with. Speaking with a handful of companies is automatically going to give you more information on each of them and which you feel the most comfortable working with.

How Do Other Companies Feel About Them?

Know what others are saying about the company you want to hire. When they are saying good things and showing everyone that the trucking company is invaluable, everyone benefits, even you. This is also a company you want to have on your side when choosing one to work with. Ask around, read reviews and get the best information regarding the trucking companies out there.

Always Work with a Contract

When hiring any company to do any work that you need to have done or for any services you’re hiring them for, always work under a contract. Whether you provide the contract or them, having this is always a good way to make sure that you feel good about them in the end. This is also a safeguard not only for you, but for them, as well. No one should ever work with another company without the use of a contract in place.

Take the time to get to know the company and what they do. Learn more about their drivers, their requirements and their logistics team. When you know more about them, you feel more confident about them. Hiring someone that cannot provide all of the paperwork and proof of hiring a team of experts is someone you don’t want to work with. Generally, these companies are more than happy to provide you with any information you request of them, just make sure you’re the one requesting the information.

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