Why Toner Cartridges Replacement Is Better Than Refill

Copier consumables have not been designed to last forever, they have a limited capacity and after that they start fading the prints and eventually stops working when not replaced on time. Every toner cartridge available in the market has a limited capacity and service time, so you have to replace them regularly to keep the working of your copier continuous. Many people out there tend to refill their used toner cartridges and consider it as a cheaper option. But they are entirely wrong as this move can be much expensive as compared to toner cartridge replacement. In this blog post we will discuss the different aspects of toner cartridges replacement VS refill so you can make a better decision for your copier.


  • Printing inconsistency 


Different toners have a slight variation in their color shades and the size of the toner particles also greatly influence the printing quality. If you refill your copier’s toner cartridge than it is rare you could match the previous print quality that causes printing inconsistencies. Thick toner particles can also damage your copier that can be a more expensive fix. So if you want to produce prints at the same quality without damaging your copier then it is wise to replace toner cartridges instead of refilling them. 


  • Reduced quality 


Toner cartridge compatibility is essential to produce the prints at the highest quality for which your copier is designed. So it is highly recommended to only choose the copier toner cartridges that is designed for your copier from a well know copier parts store. On the other hand, the toner used to refill the cartridges is generic and of low quality that is used to fill cartridges of every copier that significantly reduce the print quality. So it is highly recommended to replace the used toner cartridges to produce high quality prints. 


  • Durability 


Toner cartridges are designed for one time use only. If you use third party services to manipulate their design to refill the cartridge then it can lead to leakage and other problems that can damage the copier parts. So it is wise to follow the copier’s manual and replace the toner cartridge when required rather than refilling the old one from unofficial third parties.


  • Environmental Pollution


Some people consider that they are playing their part in saving the environment by refilling their used toner cartridges as it will not become a part of landfills. This perception is wrong as you will eventually have to throw your refilled toner cartridge when it will be leaked, clogged or stop working. On the other side, the original toner cartridge manufacturers recycle the used toner cartridges to produce newer ones that is a much greener option. 

As you can see now, may be initially toner cartridge replacement seems an expensive option as compared to refilling the old one, but in the long run the toner cartridge replacement will help you save time and money. So it is wise to replace your copier consumables whenever needed to maintain the performance of your copier.