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The Introduction Of The Turkish Art Through Kilim Rugs

This might be your first time when you are actually looking for a rug named Kilim. This is a relatively new term and you are not quite acquainted to it. So, before you head for the Kilim rugs, it is mandatory to know more about the term first. Kilim is mainly a Turkish word, which helps in denoting pile less textiles of multiple uses as produced by one of the major flat weaving techniques. It will have a closely or commonly related heritage and will be practiced in some of the geographical areas mostly in some parts of Turkey. So, if you are planning to get the taste of such weaving technique, going for these carpets can prove to be of great work.

Sometimes known by other names:

There are some times when you might feel people calling these rugs as oriental ones. But, it is true to state that oriental is a vast field and Kilim has its own class as well. You are always requested to log online at to get in touch with the best help you could ask for. It is mandatory that you head for the right name in town and that calls for some simple help. There are some differences allotted between the standard and Kilim rugs. You need to know the differences before making a choice.

More about the design:

In case of the standard rugs, the piles are made by knotting individual short strands of various colors onto wraps and then pressed together in wefts and in tight manner. On the other hand, you have the KelimTeppiche, which are designs, made by interweaving multiple colored warps and wefts. It helps in creating a proper flat weave. So, it is not hard to state that there are some differences, which make this special kind of rug completely different from the basic ones.