Home Repair

Preliminary Checks Before Changing Our Air Conditioning


These are what you should check before changing your air conditioning:

Disassembly Of Drain And Tapes

Now it’s time to take care of the drain. With great care, the internal machine’s pipes are straightened, which in this installation were curved. We will have previously taped them at the end. We unhook the drainpipe (be careful, it will almost certainly have accumulated water) and prepare the whole assembly to pass through the hole in the wall.

Removing The Interior Split And The Bracket

Now it is time to disassemble the indoor unit. The split usually has two clicks that hold it at the bottom to the sheet metal support on the wall, and we will have to find them and unhook them with a screwdriver or an L-shaped tool such as an Allen key. We first disconnected the AC power cables. Once this is done, and the unit is unhooked, the sheet metal bracket is unscrewed from the wall and its tune ups for units.

Reusable Materials

The reusable materials for reinstallation are the four threads, 2 of ¼ tube, and 2 of 3/8 tube (we work with R22), which we will remove with the tube cutter. We carefully turn the pipes of the indoor unit 90º (they are protected by a spring so that they do not chafe when turning them) to remove the pipes from one side of the equipment. We will have to cut the cover of the casing.

Indoor Unit Electrical Connection

We proceed to connect the 5-wire electrical cable that joins the indoor and outdoor units, as previously noted by the numerical correspondence. Now we can work more comfortably at ground level since it is disassembled.

We connect the 220V, 3-wire power cable. For greater comfort, all the masses are joined with a strip, and the cables are fastened with the plastic cable glands with the screw.

We Mount The Indoor Unit In The New Location.

Now we have to decide on the indoor unit metal bracket’s new location towards the room wall’s center. We adapt the gutter because the wall has a column, making the wall a step instead of cutting it with a saw. I discovered that it was much more comfortable to cut it with sheet metal scissors in this reinstallation. The cuts come out more perfect and faster if not we can meet the repair services.