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Guidelines to Repair a Damaged Heated Floor

The underfloor heating system is installed to make comfortable the people’s lives in winters, especially in the chilliest days when everything is freezing outside. Usually, people expect the underfloor heating system serve for many years, and that expectation comes true only when the in floor heating systems are installed properly and regular maintenance is done. Many times, things go wrong, but you do not worry, we are here to help you. A few simple tips to repair common issues with heated floors are described below:

  • Follow the installation instructions

The DIY floor heating system needs extra precautions during the installation process. Usually, people want to complete their work as soon as possible, but in the case of DIY floor heating system if you do so, you may face severe damages and your heating system may not work efficiently as it should. If, you know well how to install it properly and able to follow the given instructions, then do it by your own; otherwise hire an expert to get your job done.

  • Must perform the resistance checks before and after installation

The electric heating system can be checked through an ohm-meter or multi-meter. The checking should be done before and after installation because the meter lets you know about the damaged cables at any point. If you do not do so before applying the floor covering, as a result, your entire installation may fail and it may cost you more. Thus, make sure to perform resistance before and after installation so that you can identify the problem early enough and fix it.

  • Make sure to install a proper circuit breaker

An improperly installed circuit breaker may lead to the system’s power failure. Check your thermostat’s warning signal (e.g. the circuit breaker is tripping) to replace it for continuing your heating system working.

  • The floor doesn’t heat up enough

Definitely, there is something wrong with your heating system if the floor is not heating up properly. Moreover, you may notice that some parts of the floors are also not heating up. If you have noticed any of the above indications, you should repair your underfloor heating system immediately for its effective working.

  • Getting the necessary repairs

If only a section of the heated floor is damaged, you do not need to repair the entire floor, you can use a TDR meter or Time Domain Reflectometer to identify the damages sections and to fix them.