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Tips to Remember to Help You Find the Right Mortgage Deal in Canada

 After the new mortgage rules, it is going to become difficult for many Canadians to negotiate a mortgage. However, you can take advantage of some mortgage tips to go through the process with utmost ease. Here are a few things to bear in mind when looking for the right mortgage deal:

  • Do not fall prey to the offers claiming that you are going to get the best five-year rate. The reason is that after the new rules mortgage pricing is no longer based on the best rate quote only. Many other factors will now play a role here. Your personal situation matters the most. Therefore, you may want to work with the company that performs an in-depth assessment of your current circumstances and then select the best products for you.
  • Going long and variable is likely to help you over an extended period. People with over 20% equity should consider a 30-year amortization mortgage to enjoy some amazing benefits. Such deals would have the benefits, like easier mortgage qualifying, more purchasing power, and lower payments to increase cash flow. You can also use this option to divert cash and use it for investing. However, it makes sense to work with an experienced mortgage broker to discuss if these strategies are really going to prove effective considering your unique circumstances.
  • Be sure to check all the details before signing the dotted line. In many cases, you will be able to save thousands ensuring that you are getting a mortgage with a fair prepayment penalty. It should also treat you nicely and fairly at renewal. Therefore, you should not have your focus only on finding the lowest rate possible because other details are going to matter as well.
  • Think twice before opting for high-ratio insurance. Many people make the mistake of using this option and end up paying more than expected. Keep in mind that most lenders are willing to offer better rates to borrowers who require mortgage insurance when they have less than 20% down. It means you do not really need to purchase it when you have more than 20% down. But again, your unique circumstances can change the whole picture because some companies are willing to offer lower rates when you purchase mortgage insurance even with more than 20% down. Your mortgage broker may help you identify the most suitable option here.

It is quite evident that the new mortgage rules are going to make things a bit confusing for the average borrower, which is why it is more important than ever to work with a qualified and experienced broker for advice. Things may become even trickier when you do not have a paycheck to show. For self-employed, it is going to take some time to build their case, and that is exactly where they would require quality advice on mortgage planning. An experienced mortgage company can help you know the documentation and information you need to build a strong case. So, be sure to know what you are doing before you select your next mortgage deal!

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Top 5 benefits of Hiring Chicago Movers

Moving to a new home can be thrilling, but yet a daunting experience particularly to the individuals with families. With the enormous amount of time spent designing and decorating your new home, the relocation process may leave one stressed out and weary.

The moving process is even more critical in an office. Apart from putting crucial data at risk during each stage of the moving process, it also opens the door to data breaches. Movers, however, not only ensures that the office continues with its day-to-day operations during the move but also secures the chain-of-custody of the office`s confidential records during the process.

Below, we shine light on the top 5 benefits of hiring Chicago Movers

Professional Handling and Packaging

Packing itself accounts to nearly a quarter of the moving process. By hiring a professional mover, however, it will ensure that the goods arrive at their destination while intact. Packing, as easy as it may seem, requires experience and knowledge. For a start, it involves heavy lifting of bulky goods such as the sofas and the closets.  Apart from the heavy handling, packing also involves a systematic arrangement of goods i.e. according to fragility. Moreover, some of the goods such as electronics, antiques, and glass cutlery require special moving equipment such as wooden crates, pallets, or special rubber boxes which are costly to acquire.

Customized Packaging

Different premises or homes require different moving arrangements. When moving, one should not comprise on his needs and budget. Chicago movers offer an array of services to cater for all your needs. Some of the commonly requested moving services include packing and unpacking, transportation, goods insurance, furniture removal and transportation of fragile goods. Therefore one can customize the moving process by requesting and paying for only what he/she wants.

Guaranteed Protection of Goods

One of the key benefits of hiring a professional moving company to assist with the moving process is the guaranteed protection of goods. If one chooses to move by himself, there`s a likelihood of misplacing or missing some of the goods or even losing some on the way. By opting for a moving company, however, one can prevent the above mishaps happening since the movers will assure and double check all the items and ensure they are accounted for during, and after the moving process.

Insurance of Goods

Reputable moving companies will always provide its client with an insurance cover for all his goods. The insurance cover protects all the goods in transit and will compensate the client in case the goods are stolen, damaged, or lost.

Remove the moving stress

The moving process is not only accompanied by intoxicating anxiety but it is also time-consuming, risky and a complex affair. Chicago Movers, however, make the moving process a simple endeavor.


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Why You Should Expect the Best from Keener Property Management Properties

Are you in search of a rental property that meets all your expectations? If this is the case, you should get in touch with Keener property management company. The main reason why they are known for excellence is that they work based on certain principles that are designed to ensure the optimal comfort of all tenants.

Keener Management ensures that every resident gets the comfort they deserve once they rent a Keener-Squire property. One example of such exemplary management is the Drake DC in the nation’s capital. Here are some of the simple things they do that set them apart:

1.       Screening Tenants.

As property managers, they receive hundreds or even thousands of applications. They have come up with systems that allow them to notice any red flags. Screening fellow tenants assure you that you will not be living next to neighbors that could jeopardize your comfort of feeling safe at your new home.

2.      Fast Contact with Tenants.

If something breaks down, you will want to have a responsive property manager that can get things fixed right away. Keener always has someone available to address the issue professionally. That way, you will have peace of mind always.

3.      Integrity.

Keener Management takes great pride in their professionalism as well as the appreciation of perfect service from building owners and tenants. When you deal with them, you do not have to worry about lengthy battles or any mischief. They are always reviewing their systems to ensure that clients are being served at best. Tenants at the Drake dc can attest to their high level of integrity.

4.      They Offer Real Value for Money.

One of the benefits of renting a property managed by Keener Management is that you are assured the best value for your money. For instance, if an AC system breaks down, you will not have to spend days wondering whether the repairperson will ever come. Additionally, if there is a pest problem, you can always expect to get it resolved right away.

That means every penny spent living in one of Keener Management’s building is always worth it.

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