Can house parties replace nightclubs?

With the age of Covid that we’re in, more and more people are turning to house parties. It’s nice, warm, no one has to know, and better yet, it’s less illegal than nightclub. We’re asking, can that be a satisfying substitution for clubbing?

Since the beginning of time, clubbing is a form of escaping from reality. It’s a different universe that we enter when it’s just a bit too much of our boring everyday lives. So, it’s no wonder that it’s this time that we need that kind of entertainment the most. Working, going to school, even grocery shopping from home is making us crave human interaction and attention more than ever before.

College is the center of all the nightlife happenings. For the most part, it is filled with fake IDs and sneaking out of the dorms and houses to partake in immoral and stupid acts that someone came up with. Whether it’s an initiation thing or just another sleepless night in your Senior year, we’ve all fallen victims to a little innocent college crime. That tradition continues in the future, without the fake IDs and sneaking out. Truth be told, clubbing is a guilty pleasure to many.

House parties are also part of the culture that we so kindly take care of. Appearing mostly when your parents go on a vacation and always ending up disastrously, they’re pretty popular amongst all age groups. It’s a less primitive and more private way of getting drunk and having a good time (if you’re a guest, of course).

But house parties and clubbing go shoulder to shoulder with each other. What happens when you take one out? You have to make it into the other, so now house parties are more of a house party-club hybrid. It’s a weird mix of coziness and a certain amount of uncomfortableness.

You won’t get a club’s full experience, but you won’t get the privacy either. It’s like a weird vast space between the two, and it falls into neither category. It’s just there so something would be happening, not because it’s necessarily good.

Is it bad? Certainly not super bad. I would rather go to a weird house party than stay at home for months. It’s better than nothing, but it’s not a good replacement by any means. I think we learned to be satisfied with what we get, so it’s not a problem for us to adapt to any change.

Nothing can replace nightclubs. It’s like treading water for vapor – same thing, different shape. House can’t take the shape of a nightclub and vice versa. It’s always going to be the two coexisting in symbiosis. But we don’t believe that it’s our fault for wanting to have fun. So we’ll have to deal with it.