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What Is the Difference Between Coverlet, Quilt, Comforter and Duvet?


 There are several bed accessories that make a beautiful bed. Some of the important are being coverlet, comforter and quilt. Selection of the right bedding accessory requires good knowledge about them. The information in this post will surely help you choose the right bedding accessory.

  • Quilt

A typical quilt comprises of three fiber layers, a woven cloth, a batting layer and a woven back. All these three types of layers are stitched together to form decorative patterns. What makes quilt different from other bedding accessories is that they are made with different cloth pieces.

  • Duvet

A duvet is basically a soft flat bag that is filled with feathers, an artificial alternative and down. Duvets get inserted in a removable cover like a pillow case and pillow.  Doona covers form as a protective shell in which your comforter fits in. Not just it protects the comforter but also makes your bed look stylish.

Duvet covers are made with corner-ties that help in keeping the duvet in place. People prefer duvets due to its uncomplicated nature. This is because it is a single cover in place of the different combination of quilts, blankets, bed sheets, etc. Linen based duvet covers are in high demand due to its dreamy, and wrinkled look that makes it look carefree and romantic.

  • Comforter

Comforters are full of layers of varying types of materials that include polyester batting, wool, silk or down feathers. The loft of the filling helps in determining the weight and the extent of insulation.

The main difference between a comforter and a quilt is that in comforters the colors are mostly dyed and design patterns aren’t embroidered. Comforters are spread over the sheets. They are quilted and stitched to secure the filling. It ensures that it is uniformly distributed.

  • Coverlet

Coverlet is designed to be decorative layer that goes on the top of the bedspread. It is light in weight and non-reversible kind of bedspread that is either woven or quilted. It has thin layer of batting that makes it suitable for use as an individual bed covering. Coverlets are used mostly on sofa and bed.


To make a gorgeously dressed bed is an overwhelming and costly affair. So, it becomes important to make the right and thoughtful selection of pieces. Hope the article has helped you get through the concepts of all the popular bedding accessory options and make the right purchase.