The advantages of Online Psychotherapy: Find Out What They Are

In this post I bring five advantages for starting an online psychotherapy , factors that bring greater convenience, for patients who have doubts about why to start an online treatment.

Maybe this post will help you a little bit to decide how you can take care of your mental and emotional health! You can be guided through some experts in online psychology.


In online care it is not necessary for the patient to go to the office, consultations can be held wherever the patient chooses, as long as it is a private, reliable and safe place for him to keep his confidentiality.

It is also essential that he, the patient, has a video call device with internet access, such as notebooks, tablets or cell phones.

In this way he can be seen wherever he wants, with greater flexibility of schedules, without needing to worry about commuting or traveling to start his therapy

Accessible Values

Currently, a face-to-face consultation ranges from R $ 100.00 to R $ 150.00 per session, thus totaling a monthly expense of R $ 400.00 to R $ 600.00. This is a factor that undoubtedly can make it difficult to start face-to-face therapies.

Online care, on the other hand, varies from R $ 50.00 to R $ 120.00 per session, decreasing the monthly cost and being an engaging facilitator for the beginning of a therapy.

Recently there are several online platforms with plans or agreements at affordable prices, such as in Live Psychology for example, which has its own plan and are also linked to health plans , favoring a channel between psychologists and patients.


As already mentioned, online care can be carried out anywhere, as long as the patient has security of his privacy, he also has a device for video calling and internet access.

Another great benefit is that if the patient needs to travel for urgent appointments, the psychological treatment does not need to be interrupted, this can be of great help during the therapeutic process, being a support if the patient has to travel, maintaining his commitments and his mental health. in day!


Another comfort is for people who are shy or who don’t know which professional they should go to. For some people, creating a bond of trust with the professional becomes a barrier.

Therefore, for the most timid or suspicious people, for example, it may be more pleasant not to leave the house and start an online treatment, in a safe and trusting environment.

Some platforms provide the profiles of psychologists, which favors a first acquaintance to patients of what each professional is like, about their specialties and their public care, leaving patients more comfortable with this choice.


Over the years, several researchers have studied the efficiency of online service and concluded that there are few differences between this type of service and face-to-face. However, its efficiency is the same for mental and emotional health, which improves the quality of life of patients.

Regularized online care in, expanding the forms of care and the areas of practice of professionals in psychology, also bringing a more accessible proposal to the population in favor of their quality of life!