The 3 Key Domain Name Styles

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The second stage of choosing a domain is business study. A domain can be divided into 3 types: niche name, brand name, person name. You can use domain generator, it can provide a lot of suggestions according to your preferences.

Name of person: Personal blog / Artist website – Ex:

The person’s name is widely used by artists’ websites, musicians, or personal blogs. It is the ideal option for anyone who wants a blog to show his or her work or experience. As an alternative, some people use the “official”, “real”, “I”, when the domain name is not available, for example,,,

Brand Name: Content Blog / Corporate Site – Ex:

The brand name is widely used by companies in setting up their websites. Sometimes the company already has a brand name, and only registers the domain. At other times when choosing the domain, if it is an exclusively digital business, it takes advantage of and chooses the name of your brand. These types of domains are interesting because they are generally available since each person has a different idea. Some examples of domains of this type are:,,

Niche Name: Niche Blog

The niche name is very interesting for people who want to sell an infoproduct to a specific niche and who want a content site. The makeup niche is an example of niche that people use a lot of the name of the niche in the domain, for example, how to make makeup or makeup. This is an excellent strategy for bringing relevance to your site. The webmasters use it to facilitate the ranking of the site in the search engines.

Following our example of “Car Sales” niche, we will use a domain name that offers relevance to the site so that the person sees the domain and knows what it is. This domain style is a little niche name with brand name, brings relevance but also identity. It has the term “new car” in the domain, which assists in its good positioning in google, yahoo, bing. The domain name services are essential in getting quality domain name, get it here.