Perfect Ways of Storing Your Pearls

It is well known that the pearls are beautiful gemstones. These are worn on various occasions like weddings, events, etc. and it is not an everyday affair to wear these beautiful strands. So, it happens that the people roll and store these gemstones in a plastic bag. In this way, these are kept safe and secure. But pearls cannot be kept for a long time in this manner as pearls are organic in nature these need oil to prevent itself from drying.

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As pearls are delicate items these must be kept properly to maintain luster and shine. When you wear pearl jewelry then the oil from our bodies, hands fingers, etc. keeps on nourishing the pearls. The pearls remain shiny and lustrous. Without oil, pearls start drying, turn yellow and crack.

Perfect Way of Storing and caring your pearls

  • Store Separately – They need to be stored separately without touching each other. You can roll these pearls in soft linen or silk cloth. Never put them in an airtight container and allow air to pass. Pearls should be put flat.
  • Avoid Metals – As metals can scratch pearls. So always remain careful when you keep your pearl jewelry.
  • Avoid Heat and Cold – Heat, water, acids, lotions, perfumes, etc. can tarnish pearls.
  • Wear Pearls on Regular Basis– If you wear your pearl jewelry daily it will keep pearls shiny and new.
  • Wipe After Use – Ensure that you clean and wipe your pearls with a soft dry cloth to remove any kind of dirt and debris which might stick to your pearls. It also helps in checking that the pearls are tight and secure.


Thus, pearls are delicate gemstones which need proper care and maintenance for durability. As these are unique gemstones you need to care pearls carefully so that luster and beauty are maintained for a long time.