How to Select the Right Conveyor Belt?

When selecting between various conveyor belt choices, it’s needed to keep a few bottom lines in mind in order to identify exactly which one is the ideal tool for the task available.

  • Item or Material Being Conveyed

Establishing what products or products are being conveyed on the belt is an essential step in establishing the most effective belting choice for a certain application. Appropriate details consist of the dimension as well as the weight of the products being communicated, product temperature, whether food or drugs will be shared, and also whether aggressive products such as those with really sharp edges are to be communicated.

While a flat cotton belting could be suitable for several applications entailing basic conveyance of packaged products, huge or heavy things could call for a more durable alternative such as modular plastic belting.

Products like food and drugs will need equipment to undergo extensive washdown, and conveyor belting will need to be able to withstand normal exposure to severe chemicals. 

  • Application and Conveyor Function

A conveyor that’s only utilized for obtaining products from point A to point B will have different belting requirements than one made use for indexing, accumulation, positioning, or various other specialty applications. The level of increase and/or decrease will additionally help to identify the very best belting choice.

Cleated belts, flat-top chains, timing belts, as well as various other personalized solutions are all alternatives for applications where a basic level belt isn’t as much as the task.

  • Specialized Operating Settings

Conveyors that will run inside as well as at room temperature will have far more versatility when it pertains to readily available belt options. Severe temperatures, cleanroom requirements, exposure to the elements, and various other specialty operating atmospheres will require certain belting, such as stainless-steel cord mesh belting for high warmth settings.

  • Other Factors to consider

While these are perhaps one of the most obvious as signification aspects to think about when selecting a conveyor belt, they are far from the only ones. Speed, conveyor size, optimum operating stress, sheave size, and various other elements will all come into play, as well as will likely need to be established by the conveyor design team working on your system.