How to Play Paintball: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking to increase your endurance, have fun with friends, and learn different strategies and tactics? Then playing paintball is the right choice for you.

You have different ways to play, like speedball for fast-paced games or woodsball for those that enjoy more slow and tactic-based gameplay.

Each has a different technique to play, and we’ll cover how to play paintball effectively in this guide.

Speedball Elimination

Speedball has tighter corners and is kept in a small space compared to woodsball. You’ll be in a net-enclosed paintball arena with colorful bags around you to utilize as cover.

For speedball, you’ll want to have a good trigger finger and be able to run even in slippery environments. Your paintball gear should be light, so you have an easier time moving around. Speedball is the method of playing for professionals.

Woodsball Elimination

Woodsball has more open space and will focus on more tactics rather than speed. Players will be split into two teams that start at different corners of the arena.

You’ll want to utilize cover and hiding to take out your opponents. Wearing camo that blends into the surroundings will be useful, as it makes it harder for our opponents to see you.

Speedball Capture the Flag

Speedball capture the flag brings in planning and tactics to the game. You’ll want to work with your team to capture the other opponent’s flag before they capture yours.

If you’re playing in teams of four, a good method is to have two attackers and two defensive players. The attackers should have quick aim and run fast, while defensive players should have good vision and good aim.

Woodsball Capture the Flag

Woodsball capture the flag differs from speedball because there will be only one team with a flag rather than two. For these games, the defensive team will often be given a tower or building that hides the flag that the attacking team will need to get into to capture the flag.

For defenders, you’ll want to utilize high ground to see your opponents coming and make sure you have all points covered for the building.

For attackers, you’ll want to try and take out the defenses on one side and then split up to avoid being all taken out.

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How To Play Paintball: Key Takeaways

The main way to learn how to play paintball is to get out there and try it yourself. Every arena and team will have to work on their tactics to become the best. That won’t happen unless you’re out there working on your aim and speed against others.

If you want to learn more about interesting games to play and how they can help you stay fit, then be sure to check out the rest of the blog. Have friends that are interested in paintball? Share this article with them so you can all head to the field together.