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How to Maintain Indoor Temperatures in Your Home

Let’s face it, sometimes your AC simply can’t keep you cool enough. While warmer weather is exciting for most, no one likes to feel overheated in their home.

With that being said, excessive use of your AC can rake up your electricity bills. You may be surprised to learn that there are many other ways to stay cool in your home. Even things like the material of the gate also affects how hot or cold your indoor temperature will be.

Live cool and comfortably in your home by knowing the ways to maintain indoor temperatures. Keep reading to learn more!

Use Fans

Fans are great alternatives to keeping you cool indoors. The surprising thing about fans is that they don’t actually change the room temperature, but they can sure keep you feeling cooler.

That’s because fans increase the airflow in the room and evaporate any sweat on your skin. This produces a cooling effect.

One interesting trick is to place a bowl of ice in front of your fan which will make the air in your house even colder. There are many different types of fans to choose from. Examples include ceiling fans, table fans, misting fans, tower fans, etc.

A ceiling fan is the most common and effective because it really does a good job of dispersing air throughout the vicinity of the room. Make sure it is set to rotate counter-clockwise during hot weather for it to effectively work.

Close Your Curtains/Blinds

One contributing factor to feeling overheated in your home is the sun. Naturally, many people will keep their curtains or blinds open to let the sunshine in.

While a bright and sunny room is certainly pleasant, the hot beams of the sun are strong enough to make you feel warm while they shine through the window.

By keeping your blinds or curtains closed, the sun will be absorbed, thus blocking out this effect.

Another method that may prevent overheating in your home is a house window tint. Like tinting your car windows, tinting your house windows involves putting a thin, transparent sheet of film on your windows.

This process is known to block out 99% of UV rays which will help keep you cool. Be sure to read about house window tint and the other benefits you will receive.

Buy Humidifiers

As the name says, humidifiers are responsible for ridding a space of humidity. If you reside in a hot and dry state such as Arizona or Nevada, a humidifier is even more effective because it will bring more moisture into your home.

A cool-mist humidifier is the best type of humidifier if you want to keep cool because they disperse cool water.

Open Windows

Opening your windows is another great way to regulate the temperature in your home and keep you from feeling overheated. Keeping the windows open will make your home feel breezy and fresh, ridding your home of stale and stagnant air.

However, it is best to keep your windows open overnight and in the morning while the outside temperature is cooler. If you keep your windows open midday at peak hot temperatures, you may be defeating the purpose.

Turn Off Electricity

Believe it or not, keeping on your lights and other electronic appliances can actually cause you to feel warmer. A good solution is to only keep your lights on if necessary.

Incandescent and halogen bulbs are two examples of lights that greatly generate heat. Low-energy light bulbs are the best when it comes to reducing the heat in your home. Even better, they are more cost-efficient.

Likewise, you should also keep off electronic appliances that are not in use. This includes things like televisions, computers, cell phones, etc. While the difference may be slight, they could raise the heat in your house as well.

Limit Oven Use

You’ve probably remembered a time where a meal was being cooked and your house felt drastically hotter and stuffier than usual. That’s because ovens are notorious for heating up the surrounding areas of your house.

While of course you inevitably will need to use your oven for cooking and baking, try to limit its use on extra hot days to avoid overheating your house.

Another suggestion is to barbeque your meals outside on hot summer days. If you don’t have a barbeque, try to make meals where an oven isn’t needed.

Insulate Your House

Insulation is an excellent way to regulate the temperature in your home. In the case of keeping heat out of your home, radiant barrier insulation can be placed under the roofline of your home. This works by reflecting the heat outside your home, keeping the inside cooler.

It’s also important to insulate your air conditioning with foam insulation which will keep away hot air and ensure the air it produces stays cool.

Another benefit of insulating your air conditioning is that it will cut back on overall energy costs.

Grow House Plants

Finally, house plants are great to cool down a room. The reason for this is because house plants go through a process called transpiration when they are cooling down.

As a result, they will emit moisture which will cool the surrounding air in the room they are present in.

Rubber plants, snake plants, and aloe vera are a few examples of house plants that are great at cooling down your house.

Maintaining Indoor Temperatures

Those were the most effective ways to maintain indoor temperatures to keep you from overheating. All in all, your home should be a cool and comfortable space away from the hot summer heat.

Learning how to maintain indoor temperatures is a sure way to give you some relief.

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