How much do a doula earn after working for hours and weeks?


The role of a doula is quite difficult as they have to go through lots of ups and downs. They have to work for nights and even weekends and help the women during the entire process of childbirth. They also play a key role in supporting you during the most joyous moments of your life. So if you have a plan to become a doula, you need to know how much can you make out of it.

The doula salary

  • The plan to work as doula is to know the doula salary. This will depend upon the working hours like whether one can work for full time or is it a part time job? In this case both the choices are quite common.
  • If you are a student, then you can work for part time. One thing has to be kept in mind and that is birth of the baby can happen at all days and any hour and so you need to be flexible in the schedule.
  • If you are working as full time doula, then you may calculate as four births per month. You can begin it from one birth a month and then increase it gradually. As per the doula training centres, the doula salary is either flat rate or they charge hourly. The flat rate is recommended as the length of the birth may vary significantly.

Usually the recommendation is $45 per hour as a rule of the training centres. They may increase it to 10 to 20 percent because the clients may want you for more days and hours. The doulas can of course charge more, and then you have to make it clear depending upon the flat rate and the hourly rate. The doulas in cities usually have a higher rate than in the rural areas.