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The layout and layout of the kitchen is best compared to a puzzle. No space has the same dimensions and you have a lot of devices that deserve a good spot, both practically and aesthetically. Buying a kitchen according to their standard arrangement is not feasible in many cases. In this article you will learn how to design a practical and ergonomic kitchen that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Ergonomics In The Kitchen: The Kitchen Triangle

Ergonomics and user-friendliness are very important during cooking. That’s why you see the kitchen as a workplace. The better the layout, the fewer distances you have to travel and the faster and more accurately you can work. In the kitchen, the distance to be covered will mainly be determined by the hob, the sink and the refrigerator. Together they form the working triangle or kitchen triangle. The use of renovation packages happens to be essential here and that is the reason that you can have the best deal here.


You can calculate the walking distance by adding up the length of the sides. With an ergonomic kitchen this will be between 6 and 8 meters. The distance between the sink and hob is best kept under two meters because most of the interaction happens here. In this way you prevent unnecessary walking and you can easily fill the cooking pots with water.

I-shaped kitchen layout

With a straight kitchen arrangement, all elements of the kitchen triangle are on one straight line. The sink is best placed centrally because it is used most often. To have sufficient work space, you should provide a free work space of 300 cm. This may be interrupted by the sink and the fire. The I-shaped kitchen is ideal for narrow spaces but is the least recommended from a practical and ergonomic point of view.

Kitchen Layout: L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most common kitchen arrangements. The working triangle is now optimal for cooking with as little movement as possible. In the past, L-kitchens or corner kitchens suffered from lost space in the corners, but thanks to contemporary techniques this is no longer a problem. You can now opt for corner gates or more complex systems that make optimum use of the space.

U kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is ideal for covering minimal distances. Everything is within reach and there is sufficient work and storage space. To place a U-kitchen you must have enough space. The double set-up quickly takes up 120 cm. For smooth circulation, it is advisable to only place U-shaped kitchens in rooms that are at least 4 meters wide.

Kitchen Layout: Parallel Kitchen

The parallel kitchen is often used by professional chefs because of the optimum circulation. You can leave the kitchen on both sides and if desired, use it on both sides of the island. If you opt for a parallel kitchen, it is advisable to place the hob and the sink in the same kitchen unit. This is to prevent stains on the ground.

A focal point for each room

The common people always make a mistake when they design their home to include multiple design elements in one certain place. A basic rule of thumb is having a prominent focal point . A room without a focal point can be boring and sometimes confusing. You can turn a variety of design elements into one featuring  eye-catching shaped rug, favorite Canvas Art or beautiful light, an elegant fireplace, or piece of starch. Select your focal point and design your room around it.

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