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Arrange for accidental damage insurance for the purchased product, which is not covered by the warranty. Spilled coffee, falling from a height or rioting small riots will no longer decide you. The Auto accident attorney helps when, after accident the victim also becomes Covid positive.

Accidental damage insurance

Insure the purchased product against accidents not covered by the warranty. Spilled coffee, falling from a height or rioting small restlessness can leave you alone. The insurance or refund will be covered by the insurance policy.

You can handle it during the purchase in each store and on the e-shop

Accidental damage insurance can be purchased for the product at any E- store or when purchased online. Only a new product can be insured during the purchase. The insurance is arranged for a period of 2 years and cannot be shortened or extended. The Car Accident Lawyer Seattle is important there.

What can you insure?

Insurance can be arranged for selected products at a purchase price from $ 1,200 to $ 80,000 sellers will be happy to provide you with details. Phones and tablets are covered by a special Insurance for mobile devices, which also covers possible theft. Insurance can be arranged for mobile devices in the purchase price from $ 2,490 to $ 60,000.

What is accidental damage?

Accidental damage insurance covers mechanical damage to the product that affects its functionality. This is especially the damage to the product caused by unexpected events, such as spilling a vase of water on the device, dropping the product on the ground or in a bathtub, overturning the appliance by small children and the like.

Insurance price

The insurance price is 15% of the purchase price of the product. For example, for TV insurance at a price of $ 8,000, you will pay only $ 1,200 for a full period of 2 years. When you budget it, it costs only $ 50 per month which is undoubtedly worth the peace. For mobile devices, the price of insurance is 25% of the price of the product. Phone insurance in the amount of $ 10,000 will therefore cost you one-time to $ 2,500, again for the entire period of 2 years. If it is a smaller product, simply bring it to the store. In the case of larger goods, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, etc., call and professionals will arrange the next procedure. Also, at the time of insurance if the victim falls under the complication of Covid 19 attack, then the Coronavirus claim lawyer is important to be by the side.

Documents you will need:

  • Invoice or receipt for the purchase of the product
  • The insurance contract

Have you lost your contract? Nothing happens. All you have to do is provide us with proof of payment for the insurance, and we will find it. If possible, bring the product with accessories and tell the staff exactly how the damage occurred.