With summer on it’s way and everybody gearing up for house parties and summer barbecues, your outfits are being planned but have you been sorting out your hair and makeup, too? Don’t stop at sequin dresses and killer heels, go all out and turn heads with this season’s hottest going out hairstyles. Here are some that we can’t wait to try!

Sleek and simple

It may not seem like much, but poker straight hair slicked back in to a low pony tail or a bun is a popular look this season and has been seen sported on the catwalks and by many celebs (we’ve seen Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Cara Delevingne rocking this look!). Part your hair to the side and secure it in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, finishing off with plenty of hairspray to tame any flyaways.

Boho babe

If the neat look isn’t for you, channel your inner bohemian chic with a messy plait. Loosely braid your hair in to a simple side plait and gently tug at each section to achieve a more imperfect finish. Finish off with some flower-shaped accessories for the ultimate bohemian look.

Mixed Textures

Can’t decide if you want to go neat or messy? Why not go for both? Mixed texture hair is a big trend for bold girls this season. Slick down the roots of your hair with a generous amount of hair gel or hairspray and go wild with the rest! Wave it, curl it, back comb it; anything goes!


As we said above, it all about being chill this year. Understated. Gucci sunglasses, but not looking like you care kinda thing. Cool hair should never look too ‘done’. Back comb hair with your hands and twist random sections pinning it low. Spritz your hands with a medium hold spray and pull strands out to encourage fly-aways and a distressed finish.

What summer hairstyles will you be rocking this season?


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9 Summer Fashion Outfits to Wear After Covid-19 for Offices Ladies In 2020

Dressing a mini dress in summer is best. Women prefer to keep the heat away by wearing light and comfortable outfits. How to maintain your fashion appetite? Well, this requires considerable attention especially when it comes to managing style with weather. Bloomingdales store presents the superb collection of summer outfits for women. Customers having a Bloomingdales coupon find outstanding discounts on all orders. team is looking forward to provide assistance in finding these coupons and discount options. Focus on the following summer outfits for office ladies in 2020.

Shirtdress with Simple Sandals:

Fashion experts recommend keeping the body easy in summers. For this purpose, they introduce crispy cotton shirts. Women can match these shirtdresses with different fashion accessories. For example, you can enjoy a classic tailoring with simple pumps, sandals and flats. It will feel appropriate especially at work.

Antonia Tie-Fastening with Cotton Shirtdress:

This stylish combination is ideal for the bosses and managers. Women performing managerial tasks at offices require a professional look. Dealing with delegations and corporate groups will feel comfortable in this appropriate style.

Jumpsuit with Jacket:

Find the cropped jumpsuits with Bloomingdales coupon right now. It is a stylish substitute to trousers. Prefer the fresh floral prints and give it an extra coverage by adding Pastel-Hued Moto Jackets. Ladies who love wearing jackets can keep this opportunity even in summers.

Tee, Skirt and a Belt:

 How to improve your ladylike appearance? Wear the stylish skirt with any top. Whether you wear a colorful or a plain white tee, this will make a perfect look. Also add cool statement waist belt to punch it up.

Shorts Suits:

Women today feel more attraction towards summery update. team enables them to shop favorite fashion pieces and items at discounts prices. Consider the right colored shorts rather than wearing full-length trousers. This will give a usually but attractive suiting.

Wrap Dress With Mules:

Are you a fan of wrap dress silhouette? Fashion experts recommend wearing the polka dot dresses. You will feel and look cool in the office environment. Girls can add brilliant but conventional work-wear style to enjoy the real comfort.

Silk Separates:

Improve your warm weather look and achieve high comfort. You will be a chic by wearing pastel colored silk separates. This fabric is better than synthetic fibers. Most women prefer satin in warm weather. Remember, silk has higher breathability than synthetic fibers and satin.

Blouse with Biker Shorts:

Most readers will say “Really?” after seeing this suggestion. Fashion experts and trendsetters are now active to make cycle shorts suitable as office attire. Add a low heel and pair the shorts with any structural blouse. This will deliver a traditional but improved look.

Bold Prints with Boots:

Don’t wear the long boots. Find Bloomingdales coupon from the lists at and explore latest summer shoes. Ankle boot will be the most suitable option for offices ladies. Try the bold prints such as geometric print having asymmetric cuts. This will create a modern but cool vibe.

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These are the basic summer season dress types  you really need to be shopping for

When the weather heats up, you’re likely to be looking around for outfits that are a good deal more attractive than an everyday shorts and T-shirt combination, but which also supplies a level of comfort. This is certainly precisely where the summer outfit comes in. Different dress styles are really easy to slip on, offer a womanly appearance, are brilliantly coloured and airy and excellent for all occasions. Therefore, your cupboard needs a selection of lightweight, comfy, summertime dresses to choose from pretty much every day of the week. The next dresses are thought to be must-haves to compliment your summer season set of clothing.


A girl can have  an incredible experience wearing a bold and dazzling Maxi. They can be worn for almost any gathering and certainly will deliver an extremely feminine feel due to the free, flowing material. Maxi’s are superb for remaining cool without exposing all. Good for all sizes and shapes, a summer Maxi is perfect with a wedge shoe or sandals , and an additional belt detail to enhance the contour of the hips. Experience a beautiful selection of Maxi dresses at AX Paris

Bodycon Dress

These great dresses have proven remarkably popular with models in the past several years and this continues to be reflected in high street sales volumes. Staying cool and trendy, this unique dress is a sexy, flirty choice for women who just desire to have a lot of fun, and its figure hugging shape divulges all of a women’s curves! Include a pair of any heels for an immediate glamorous evening out appearance or put on with sandals for a summers outing.

The Slip Dress

For all those searching for a delicate fabric that oozes sensualness and allure, the slip dress is an excellent solution, and is typically worn day and night. Whether you slip it on with some beach sandals for a summertime day trip or slide on some stilettos and trendy earrings for going out to the nightclub, the slip dress is good for either. Slip on any style of jacket for cool evenings too. They tend to be the perfect dress to transition from day to evening wear.


Curvy, rounded women of all ages will like the way in which they look in a shift dress. This style of dress can be found in a huge number of different fabrics, designs and hues, making it straightforward  to purchase a great dress that you can fall for this summer. The beauty coming from the shift dress is the fact that its another straight-forward look that can be worn relaxed throughout the day and next glammed up for an evening on the town by adding a snazzy pair of high heels.

The Short Mini

The summer season is definitely the best time for revealing those bronzed legs, and this is where the mini dress comes alive. Irrespective of whether you happen to be preparing a girls night out or attending a trendy cocktail party, you can feel beautiful and sassy all at the same time by dressing in a mini dress. A short dress can be the most effective dress for short ladies to lengthen the appearance of their legs. However, tall women should not be disheartened, as the mini dress affords the ideal chance to present those much longer legs in elegant style. A smaller dress looks great when it is matched with stilettos or pretty little sandals.

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Perfect Ways of Storing Your Pearls

It is well known that the pearls are beautiful gemstones. These are worn on various occasions like weddings, events, etc. and it is not an everyday affair to wear these beautiful strands. So, it happens that the people roll and store these gemstones in a plastic bag. In this way, these are kept safe and secure. But pearls cannot be kept for a long time in this manner as pearls are organic in nature these need oil to prevent itself from drying.

Wearing pearl jewelry is a wish of every woman. A woman wishes to wear pearl jewelry on several occasions and they always look for the best and unique designs in pearl jewelry. Due to the rapid growth of online stores a unique range of pearl jewelry products can be found at

As pearls are delicate items these must be kept properly to maintain luster and shine. When you wear pearl jewelry then the oil from our bodies, hands fingers, etc. keeps on nourishing the pearls. The pearls remain shiny and lustrous. Without oil, pearls start drying, turn yellow and crack.

Perfect Way of Storing and caring your pearls

  • Store Separately – They need to be stored separately without touching each other. You can roll these pearls in soft linen or silk cloth. Never put them in an airtight container and allow air to pass. Pearls should be put flat.
  • Avoid Metals – As metals can scratch pearls. So always remain careful when you keep your pearl jewelry.
  • Avoid Heat and Cold – Heat, water, acids, lotions, perfumes, etc. can tarnish pearls.
  • Wear Pearls on Regular Basis– If you wear your pearl jewelry daily it will keep pearls shiny and new.
  • Wipe After Use – Ensure that you clean and wipe your pearls with a soft dry cloth to remove any kind of dirt and debris which might stick to your pearls. It also helps in checking that the pearls are tight and secure.


Thus, pearls are delicate gemstones which need proper care and maintenance for durability. As these are unique gemstones you need to care pearls carefully so that luster and beauty are maintained for a long time.

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Tips One Should Know on How to Take Care of Pearls

Pearl jewelries are one of the most common accessories that can be found in a woman’s box across the world. Pearls these days are found in different shapes and size. It is very important to take care of your pearl jewelry as they are very delicate and any damage to their look can upset you. Pearls can be found in shades of pink, black and rose gold. Some of the pearls are freshwater pearls while some are sea water pearls. Mentioned below are some tips to take care of your pearls.

These days, you can find the best pearl jewelries online. You don’t have to rush to online store for a beautiful piece of pearl. You can simply get one at your doorstep with the click of a mouse. Their glam look is most precious feature that you want to save for ages.  You can buy the best quality pearl necklace by reading the reviews and viewing the ratings online. It is very important to buy quality pearls so that they shine forever. You must be aware of the faux pearls as they would retain their look only for a limited time period.

Tips to Take Care of Pearls

  • The pearls are mostly damaged by your personal daily routine products like sun protectors, deodorants, perfume sprays and all other products that have chemicals. These chemicals do harm the glow of the pearls and make them look dull day by day. To protect your pearls, you should always keep them away from these products.
  • Another tip to save your pearl from damage is that you must clean your pearls with soft and moist cloth after every use. It will remove all the dirt that has been on the surface of the pearl. You are advised to keep your pearls in open air so that their glow remains the same.
  • After some time, the strings of your pearls might get weak so you need to get them restrung so that they can be bounded once again and remain in the same condition forever.

These are some of the tips one should follow to take care of the pearls.

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Check Out The 10 Most Popular And Trending Recent Hairstyles

A hairstyle is one of the key attractions when it comes to your personality, style, and the way that you carry yourself. Different people have different hairstyles and textures as well.  A great haircut can turn you to a stylish character, and it does not take much effort to do that because you need to know what you want and what will suit you the best as well. There is so much that one can do with both long and short hair, and every person shares their charm with their hairstyle. Hairstyle also help to transform one’s look. It can give you a different look altogether. Here in this article, you can find the ten most popular trending hairstyles of men and women and for best deals and offers visit  Here goes the list –

For men-

  1. The modern undercut –

It started with the working-class men in 1900, as they could not afford a haircut from the barber. In recent times, the haircut was brought back, and many celebrities popularised it. Macklemore and David Beckham contributed to making it more mainstream. It is quick to style and easy to maintain.

  1. Classic Quiff or the Elvis cut –

As the name suggests the Great Elvis Presley and his rockabilly, vibe brought the Hairstyle to light. It is a very stylish hairstyle for men if you can carry it well. The sides of the person’s hair are cut shorter with the top combed forward except the front part. The strands are combed unevenly, and one needs to use hair wax and creams for this.

  1. The classic pompadour –

This was brought back by the famous pop artist Bruno Mars. This one is one of the popular hairstyles of men and the larger hair that is known as the “pomp” usually fall back giving the look a classic vibe.

  1. The crew cut –

You must have heard about the crew cut because it is so common and widespread among men. This haircut suits the best for older men, and this is a low–maintenance hairstyle where you do not need a brush or a dryer for it. This hairstyle suits most men.

  1. The military Buzzcut –

The military Buzzcut haircut generally popularises masculinity, toughness, you can explain to the barber about the hairstyle, and he will understand what you need. It looks lovely because women respond more to that tough authoritative image. It is one of the common hairstyles among many men. Even Celebrities were seen wearing this hairstyle.

For Women-

Hair is an important part of a women’s beauty. Good natural hair with texture and quality that makes women look complete. There are many hairstyles for women, and it depends on the characteristics and personality of the perfect hair to suit them.

  1. The 60’s flip –

It is a vintage look keeping the top flat and curing the hair strands, you can finish the hair with hairspray for secure hold, and the professional hair sprays for extra hold.

  1. The spiky Pixie –

If you are a woman with short hair, your chances of experimentation are meagre, but one can apply a little hair gel and mess up the haircut giving it a spiky look with strands of short hair in a different direction.

  1. The low pony with a side part –

This one is simple and sophisticated because it looks classy with a great dress on you. You have to gather and tie the nape of the hair with a hair band. The hairstyle is effortless to maintain and easy to carry.

  1. The Two-toned blonde style –

The two-toned blonde is done when they leave the roots of your hair dark by colouring your hair blonde on the top that allows you to keep your original hair and gives an edge to it.

  1. The super blunt Bob –

The super blunt bob is s a very comfortable and short hairstyle where the length of your hair is cut short to the level of your chin with a side parting. Women that maintain the super blunt bob are great at carrying a strong personality. It is a popular hairstyle on the ramp and the red carpets because many celebrities were seen with these hairstyles.

The hairstyles as mentioned earlier are among the most popular and trending hairstyles that one can refer. These are great suggestions for you if you are looking for a new haircut, therefore, choose the best for you and choose the best for yourself.



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All You Wanted to Know About Processing of Freshwater Cultured Pearls

The entire process of pearl farming involves grafting of the pearl mollusks. After nucleation and harvesting, the cultured pearls are produced. Several years of hard work is involved in cultivation of freshwater cultured pearls. Though it looks like a cumbersome process in the beginning, but turns out to be a rewarding process at the end.

Contemporary methods adopted for pearl farming

Obtaining oysters

This is the first step towards pearl production process. In this step, oysters are obtained which are then nucleated. For breeding of oysters requires a pearl farmer to gather sperm and oyster egg from existing pearl-cultivating oyster on the farm. With the help of the sperm, egg gets fertilized and a new oyster larvae generation is formed.

Raising Freshwater Oysters

Larvae are made to float in the water which after a month’s time, gets transformed into baby oysters. Once this happens, they are taken to a different nursery on the farm. After caring for one year, they develop in large size so as to get nucleated. Click here to know more about processing of freshwater pearls.

Oyster Nucleation

Nucleation process is performed by implanting of a foreign element into the oyster. This irritation is in the oyster, due to which it secretes nacre to efficiently cover the element. This entire procedure leads to the formation of the pearl.

Mussel Grafting and Pearl Harvesting

At the time of freshwater mussel grafting, a section of mantle tissue gets inserted in the mussel’s mantle of the host. After performing the nucleation process, the oyster gets some weeks to get recovered from the surgery. Now, the oysters get placed in cages and taken to the oyster bed to develop pearls.

Once the pearls get properly developed, they are then harvested. For this process, they are taken from the oyster, cleaned, dried and then sorted into separate categories. After these procedures are done, freshwater cultured pearls become ready to be sold on the market to pearl jewelers, dealers and manufacturers.


So, we can see there are several steps involved in the process of cultivation of freshwater pearls. Production of these pearls involves both technique and luck. By performing all the steps in a sequential manner with the use of best technology equipment will result in lustrous freshwater pearls.

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Prom Dresses – The Best Gift For Your BFF!

Do you have a best friend who shares all your happiness and sorrows to make your life brighter and fun? Then, you need to choose a perfect gift for the prom to make them feel cherished and loved. The gift must emphasize the value you give to the friendship. If you are racking your mind to decide on the perfect gift, then here is a suggestion. Get a prom dress to make your friend feel happy. The prom dresses as gifts to your BFF will make your gift-giving skill soar to new heights.

So, what should you take into consideration while selecting the perfect prom dress as a gift for your best friend forever? Here are some tips that will guide you in the right direction

Know the Body Type

The very first rule to get the perfect prom dress that your friend may cherish is to know their body type. You can find the dress based on their body type that will accentuate the best feature and flatter their appearance. Take the measurements of your friend’s waist, bust, hips, and shoulders to get an idea about the body type. Therefore, it will give an idea of what style to choose make the dress enhance the features of your BFF.

Take Them Shopping

Always take your friend with you to shop for the prom dress. Your friend may have ideas and suggestions about her prom dress. So, include their thoughts and ideas to ensure you choose the one that matches their vision precisely. You also need to know what fabric or design will suit their body the best. Taking them with you for the shopping will make it easier to choose the perfect dress. Getting something they dreamed of will make your friend happier.

Think About Budget

Save your money by looking for prom dresses from the stock. The customized product can hurt your purse. So, look for a dress that has stunning design from the previous year. It will help you get a beautiful dress without worrying about the price tag. Another option is to tailor the dress from scratch. You can take the help and suggestion of your friend to design a dress that will appease your friend’s tastes.

Spend Some Time

It is crucial to spend some time to get the perfect dress for your BFF. Therefore, do not feel lazy. Since prom isn’t just any get-together, you need to give high significance to the event. So, spend some time looking for the best dress by browsing the shops. You can gift the perfect prom gift in the form of a beautiful dress to your friend. It will remain in their hearts and minds forever.

Prom gifts can make the night even more special. You can show the appreciation of your friend with a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Make it memorable by choosing the prom dresses to make your friend’s night unforgettable. The extravagant gift will make your friend realize the value you give to the friendship. And, your generosity will get appreciated for sure.

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