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Best Methods for the Perfect Carpentry Services


The importance of wood in the art of construction is ancient and has resulted in the separation of two types of craft, carpentry and woodwork.

The carpenter has always been responsible for the execution of structural components such as beams, stairs, floors, etc. Already the cabinetmaker was reserved the production of utilitarian and even artistic objects, such as windows, doors, altarpieces, cabinets, dressers, chairs, among others.

Thus, although both work with wood, there are important characteristics that distinguish these two professionals. Follow the reading of the post and know exactly what the differences between carpentry and woodwork are. Come on? Find the best carpentry services and make the best use of the same within the budget now.

The Carpentry

The carpenter works essentially with solid wood, that is, in its natural state. Therefore, this professional is very much in demand, for example, in civil and shipbuilding. His work is mainly developed at the construction site.

He is the one who plows and equips the wood, taking care of everything from the braid that allows the clapboard or hedge to much more complex structures, such as the roofs.

That’s why carpentry is a craft that requires technical precision and even information about geometry. Specific knowledge is also required about each type of wood and the materials and techniques used in each.

It is worth mentioning that carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the world. At first, this craft was known as carpina or carapina and was divided into 4 main areas of activity:

  • naval
  • military
  • civil
  • industrial

The Joinery

Already the cabinetmaker works in the manufacture, repair and conservation of furniture and other decorative objects based on wood. Thus, it can be said, in general terms, that the carpenter’s craft is more delicate and handmade than that of the carpenter.

This professional uses specific techniques to develop his work from noble raw material, since the furniture needs to be resistant that is, made from good quality woods.

MDF, for example, is widely used because it is durable and affordable. But reforestation woods such as eucalyptus, pine, araucaria and teak can also be used.


The carpenter’s workplace is usually the workbench where he cuts, fits and carves pieces and objects, always with great skill and patience.

In fact, woodworking is a derivation of carpentry. Joiners have adapted some techniques to improve the development and treatment of their products.

Known in the past as the furniture craftsman, today the cabinetmaker can count on a series of advances in technology that have enabled the development of equipment, tools and machinery that help in this work.

However, it is noteworthy that, although many pieces of the furniture industry are produced by machines, the craftsmanship of this professional is still highly valued.

Anyway, now that you know the differences between carpentry and woodworking, you can hire the right professional to do the job you need, whether it be for the structure of a building, the production of custom-made furniture or a handcrafted decoration object. exclusive.