6 Home Security Tips You Should Know

The word “security” seems to be on everybody’s lips, nowadays. From cybersecurity to national security, we’re constantly reminded about the importance of staying alert.

Many of us tend to ignore the realities of security—especially when it comes to our homes. The type of person that says “it will never happen to me” is exactly who burglars are looking for.

So, instead of giving them what they want, we’ve prepared for you 6 home security tips that will ensure that your home stays protected from unwelcome visitors. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Get Security Minded

While some of these home security ideas may involve purchases, this tip won’t cost you a penny. All you have to do is not be complacent or overconfident.

Lock all doors and windows every time you leave the house—no matter how short the trip. Never leave spare keys under doormats, plants, etc.

Admit that every trip you make is an opportunity for a break-in. It may sound like an intense way to live, but the rewards far outwa¡eigh the effort.

2. Get Your Lights Right

Don’t be fooled! Burglaries don’t only take place at night. As long as your home is vulnerable, burglars will happily rob you in broad daylight.

However, installing the right type of lighting, inside and out, can deter thieves striking in the dark. Getting yourself some motion lighting near windows and doors will keep intruders off your yard.

Some specially design smart bulbs for inside your home can mimic activity when you are not home.

3. Upgrade Alarms

Speaking of smart tech, securing a home means giving it the alarm system it deserves. Today’s best security alarms work with smart technology and have a variety of functions from remote operation from your smartphone to affordable camera detection.

If you live in a remote area why not consider a long distance driveway alarm to keep tabs on your surroundings?


Nowadays, burglars don’t need to come to your neighborhood to case the joint. Most people give so much information on their social media accounts that thieves can prep at home in their pajamas!

Avoid posting pictures of valuable possessions online and posting in real-time—especially when on vacation. If you want to post vacation photos, wait until you’re back home to do it, that way burglars can’t read your movements.

5. Get a Checker-Upper When You’re Away

Creating a plan with someone while you are away to pick up your mail, trim your yard, and, if possible, park a car in your driveway will help to throw intruders off the scent.

This could be anyone from a family member to a trusted neighbor, but having a checker-upper will give you great peace of mind when you are away on a break.

6. Eliminate Blindspots

As beautiful as immense trees, shrubs and statues may be, make sure that they are not giving burglars an easy place to hide. Make sure that the abovementioned ornaments are at a size, or in a place that can help you see clearly who is on your property.

Home Security Tips for You

These home security tips remind us just how easy it is to let our guard down. In reality, knowing how to secure a house involves being constantly alert to new ways of protecting our home from break-ins.

When we care enough about security, thieves sense our astuteness and run a mile! Remember: they prey on the naive and presumptuous. Don’t let them label you as anything of the sort!

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