3 Simple Tips for Retaining Talented Employees

Today, the talent pool is more like an ocean. There are lots of talented professionals out there that you can hire. In fact, it is safe to conclude that there is more supply than demand. However, not all talent is great and so recruiting and holding on to the top talent that will help you accomplish your goals is the most critical thing.

Key employee retention is critical; to the long-term health and success of your organization and that is why you need to start asking yourself questions such as; what are stay interviews and how can I prevent my best employees from leaving? Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can do to retain your good workers.

Offer Growth Opportunities

Investing in your employees is one of the best ways that you can use to show that you value their contribution to the organization. There are various ways to invest in your best employees such as promoting and providing educational opportunities and sending them on educational trips that will help clear their minds which will, in turn, enhance their productivity.

Offering growth opportunities gives your employees the much-needed confidence in their careers which also boosts their work morale. You should always strive to provide growth opportunities by working with your top talent to establish viable career goals, create a comprehensive career plan, and organize monthly status meetings where you can give feedback and also have an open conversation to show your most-valued employees that you are investing in their career advancement.

Create an Open and Honest Work Environment

Always give genuine feedback on the work completed and always be ready to listen to the concerns of your employees. Unplanned meeting in corridors or in the working areas where casual greetings and other ideas are exchanged are a good practice but don’t let them substitute the opportunity of you sitting down with your workers and listening to their grievances. Always be open and listen to new ideas coming from your team members.

Accept suggestions put forward by some of your employees on how a particular problem can be solved. If you do, you might not start asking yourself what are stay interviews and how can I make my best employees stay? Always be available and open when your team member asks for any guidance. You should also keep your best employee informed about what is happening with the company and don’t let hearsay and rumors take over. If there is any problem, make sure that you communicate through proper channels.

Connect Your Top talent with Proper Mentors

You should also make sure that you pair your workers with the right mentors. This process usually starts with hiring a good and experienced leadership team to steer the organization in the right direction. For instance, if you have a good managing director, pair him/her with a head of a department. You can follow this process downwards until every employee has the right mentor. Cultivating the spirit of mentorship supports career growth and overall development of your staff.