Why It’s Important To Clean Your Carpet Often For A Healthy Home

If you want your long lasting carpet to last a long time, you call for professional carpet cleaning in bothell and have an expert come in to give it a thorough cleaning once or twice a year. It’s recommended in your carpet’s warranty and if you fail to provide this routine maintenance at the suggested intervals, you run the risk of voiding that warranty.

But cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is also important for keeping a healthy home. Your carpeting can become a haven for dirt, bacteria, and all types of allergens. There’s a great misconception that carpets are bad for homeowners who are suffering with allergies but this is not entirely true.

Carpet is actually an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, it’s only when you fail to clean the carpet in any capacity for long periods of time that can trigger allergic reactions since all of those contaminants accumulate in the fibers. Without vacuuming or deep cleaning, the carpet can become rife with this toxicity and each time you step on the fibers, the pressure releases those allergens into the air for you to breathe in.

Here are some of the other reasons why deep carpet cleaning is important for your home in order to keep you and your family healthy and happy:

Dust Mites

Fecal matter. Body parts. How do these things sound buried in the fibers of your carpet? Not too pleasing, I would imagine. Well say hello to the dust mite, a microscopic organism that is living in your carpet and he brought hundreds of thousands of his closest buddies to stay with him.

Sure you can’t see or touch them but if you fail to clean your carpet on a regular basis, you will start to breathe them and all of their filth into your lungs, causing you and your family to suffer all manner of respiratory conditions and allergic reactions.

Skin Irritation

When you allow all of those contaminants and allergens to remain in your carpet, you’re doing more than just breathing all of it into your lungs, you may be letting them irritate your skin. Sitting or lying on the carpet with bare, exposed skin might make it feel itchy, but even more concerning is that the aforementioned dust mites and other toxic bacteria that’s allowed to live in the fibers can get into your bloodstream through an open wound. This can result in an infection.

Foul Odors

A poorly maintained carpet can begin to smell foul. Let it get bad enough and that odor can start to linger throughout the entire home, particularly in the room or rooms where the carpet has been laid down. When those aromas start to take hold, watch out, because it can be very difficult to eradicate that stench from your home.

If your carpet’s condition has gotten that bad as to start emanating a thick, foul odor, just think about what’s creating that smell and what you are breathing into your system each time you smell it. Maybe it’s better that you call your local carpet cleaners now and avoid this problem from developing in the first place.