What are the Most Important and Essential Cybersecurity Measures?

The small and medium businesses across the world often think that they are too small for the cybercriminals to target. On the other hand, the small and medium businesses would be perplexed to explore the rude surprise that the cybercriminals are randomly attacking to the business sector irrespective of their big or small sizes and credibility. Therefore, the truth is that the small and medium businesses are at risk too, and most alarming is both neither the small nor the big businesses are completely ill-prepared to fight the cyber security concerns and threats. The hackers preferred two basic methods for accessing the data and information of the businesses namely hacking and malware which have been used in numerous data breach incidents. As per authentic statistics, the attackers used hacking in 81% of security breaches and used malware in 69% of breach incidents.

After so much of disasters and cybersecurity hazards, it is regrettable that still, many businesses are reluctant to take steps against data breaches which can ruin their business at any point of time as it has happened in the case of other businesses. It is time that, businesses irrespective of their sizes and turnover, start to take appropriate measures to protect and safeguard their data and information.

Though the black hat hackers publicly claim that the traditionally used firewall and other antivirus software are outdated and irrelevant, still, the businesses should ensure firewall and appropriate anti-virus software in their all internet-enabled devices. Most white-hat cybersecurity researchers say that the firewall is still capable of resisting the infection and protect the systems. Businesses should further ensure that once the firewall is activated in the system it should never be turned off at any cost.

Secondly, setting up and access control system will benefit enormously to the systems which have sensitive business-related data and information. This will further help the administrator to regulate the access of your employees to the computer or portion of the files and folders and can control when they log in remotely. One of the most important measures to secure your data and information is through changing the POS password credentials from the default settings of the manufacturer and working out a custom password of the company.

Similarly, make sure that all the third-party vendors change their passwords. Similarly, establishing roles and responsibilities, establishing policies for the use of the internet and social media, and establishing a web-filtering system would be the appropriate measures to protect the data and information from the cyber attackers.