Electric cigarette is made of vape tank and vape coil. Now the question is, what is vape tank and vape coil?

Vape tank: A smok tfv8 baby beast tank is an atomizer consisting of a liquid tank and a small evaporation chamber of the heating element. In serviced tanks, the owner needs to independently change the winding and wick; in unattended ones, only finished evaporators change. Tanks regulate the intensity of steam supply and blowing spirals. It is a great option for continuous use.

Vape Coil: Coil in English, also called resistance. What heats cotton to produce steam? This is well known and one of the most used terms. Host-Spost – This is the term when there is a small point concentrated in a coil that heats up and becomes luminous before the rest of the material, which can cause dry blows or a burning sensation. You must adjust the coil to eliminate this point so that it heats regularly. 

  1. No Annoying Smell

One of the greatest advantages of vape is that you and the environment will no longer infusing by the annoying smell of cigarette smoke. You will choose the aroma that is closest to your tastes, from liquids such as tobacco to cream or finally fruity, but above all, these will not release on your clothes or in the room where you find that annoying smell of smoke! 

  1. Taste For Every Palate

When it comes to flavours, there are practically endless options to choose from, in short, a taste for every palate, indeed, certainly more than one! Discover new flavours, have fun finding different taste combinations, change according to the moment, your desire, your type of vape. Some of the most popular flavours, for example, include fruits, desserts, foods, menthol and tobacco.

  1. Immediate Satisfaction

You will be able to satisfy your hunger at any moment, very quickly, all within the reach of a click! Although some mod boxes (for more advanced users) may require some initial fumbling. Most electronic cigarettes are now ready for use – turn on and turn off – the vape will then accompany you throughout the day, all you have to do is press a button and enjoy your favourite liquid, wherever you want, whenever you want.