Tools Everyone Should Own: Must-Haves in the Shed

Tools are indispensable when there is an emergency. But it is not ideal to buy them only when one needs them; instead, it is better to have them on hand just in case something does come up, and it almost always does. They have to be bought and stored well in advance. So next time, if there is a need to put together a make-shift table or hang a new bulb, there is no need to go shop-hunting for the latest tools. It is also important to choose branded tools like Milwaukee tools to ensure safety and equipment longevity.

Repairs inside a home is not a possibility but an eventuality. Something or the other eventually requires attention, and tools are necessary to do the job well. It is often hard to figure out the much-needed tools because there is an endless variety of tools for different purposes.

Some of the essential tools are:

  • Utility Knife
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Chain saw
  • Power drill



Hammer is the most basic essential tool to have in a toolbox. Without a hammer, there is no reason for nails to exist. From hanging a photo frame to a wall clock, the reasons for needing a hammer are many. 

Uses: Hammers have two sides, with a claw on one side of the head. While one end hits the nail, the other pries nail out when they are no longer necessary. Hammers are also essential in places requiring a substantial blow, like setting lumber or a framing board into its place. 

Which one to buy: Experts claim that the 16-ounce hammer is the most versatile one. A curved claw and a smooth head preferably fit most jobs. The size is well-suited for both small and heavy-duty jobs like fixing a deck. There are fibreglass and wooden handles available. 

How it can save money: A quality hammer allows one to buy affordable furniture that is ready to assemble, which is a much better alternative to buying expensive furniture that is already in its finished form. It also saves money by helping one do home repair or improvement projects themselves. A hammer can come in handy in surprising ways like adding rivets or heel tips to footwear. 


Uses: Most things that are not attached using screws or nails are held together by bolts and nuts. A wrench is essential to manipulate these nuts and bolts. A tractable wrench is the best-buy for any job as it alters its size to suit nuts of all sizes.

Which one to Buy: It is advisable to buy wrenches of different lengths according to experts. A six-inch wrench can fit into tight spaces, while a larger one of over 10 inches will give more comfort for handling tight bolts. There are wrench sets available which come in handy in different scenarios. Buy one that has a broad jaw and handle that is comfortable to hold. 

Pro-tip: Some experts suggest all one needs is an 8-inch wrench, which gets most jobs done. 

How can it save money: This tool being one of the most often-required tools for small repairs and remodelling, can save a considerable amount in constant renovation. 


Plumbing problems, fixing a bicycle, and more home repairs can be improved, with just a set of quality tools like the Milwaukee tools lying around at home. Instead of running to the mechanic or a workshop every time there is a minor repair, it is easier to do it by oneself. Like mentioned before, branded tools last longer and provide safety to the user. Hence it is always the best choice to opt for good quality tools.