Tips on finding the best suitable Winnipeg criminal lawyer

Most people don’t keep the name of a good Winnipeg defence law firm in their contact list (unless they’re personal friends). That’s because most people don’t have to worry about getting arrested. But in the rare event you, or someone you love, get arrested and need to find a good criminal attorney ASAP, here are some tips.

Don’t dismiss the public defender:

Generally, public defenders are among the best trained and most savvy attorneys you can get. They know the lay of the land, have probably tried more cases than most private attorneys, and generally are driven by mission, not money. That means they care. If you don’t make enough money to hire your attorney and can get assigned a good public defender, don’t mortgage the house. Better to use your money for bail than to pay for a high-priced attorney who may not do as well as the court-appointed one. If you’re in a state or federal jurisdiction where the judge doesn’t inquire into your finances and pretty much assigns everyone public counsel, consider yourself lucky.

Always rely on recommendations:

If you choose to hire a Winnipeg criminal lawyer, how do you find a good one? Start with word-of-mouth. Any friends who are lawyers know other lawyers in other fields. They may be able to refer you to someone good, or at least refer you to someone knowledgeable who can then refer you to someone with the skills to do your case.

Research online:

Look on the internet, though this method is scattershot at best. Sometimes the attorneys who pop up first may not be the best. They could merely be the ones who invested the most money in Google ads or search optimization.  Yes, this shows they have good business acumen, but not necessarily good trial chops. That said, because we are now in 2019, the best attorneys should have a decent web site that includes accomplishments, client reviews, important cases, and easy-access contact information. How many trials have they handled? Did they come from a prosecutor or public defender background? You can always then cross-reference with a general Google search of the person’s name to see if he or she has handled any high-profile cases or has popped up in the news.

Choose someone local:

In addition to finding a Winnipeg criminal lawyer that’s qualified in criminal law, you should look for an attorney that’s experienced in the local courts. This aspect of deciding on the right attorney is one that is often overlooked, but local connections and relationships can go a long way when fighting a criminal charge. Not only does each court do things their way, but each judge does things their way too. Knowing the ins and outs of the court, you’re up against can help you create a winning strategy for your case.

So how do you know your Winnipeg criminal lawyer is the right one for you? Common sense. Do they return your calls promptly?Do they listen to your questions and answer them intelligently, whether the news is good or bad? Do they appear knowledgeable, have a web presence, seem at home in court, and have a reputation for fighting like hell?

If you’re looking for a Winnipeg criminal lawyer, you can find them with the help of Google Maps, or MySheriff.