The Complete Guide to Designing Vehicle Wraps: Everything to Know

As you drive back to your business in your company car, you look around and see tons of other cars filled with potential customers. In fact, a recent survey found more than 284 million cars registered in the United States.

One way to stand out from the other vehicles and advertise your business is to add a vinyl wrap. But how do you design one that looks good?

We put together a guide with our favorite tips for designing vehicle wraps. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you begin the design phase of the process.

Take Measurements and Pictures Before Designing Vehicle Wraps

The very first step in the design process is to take measurements and pictures of the vehicle you’re wrapping. That way, you can design something that fits the car like a glove. Make sure to measure twice to make sure you have accurate measurements before you begin designing.

Use Bold Colors, Patterns, and Designs

You want your wrap graphics and colors to pack a punch. That way, you know the other drivers can see your wrap from a distance. It’ll grab their attention fast since they need to keep their eyes on the road too.

Choose bright primary colors, patterns that pop, and images that read well from far away. These bold choices make for a wrap that grabs attention no matter where you go!

Don’t Make the Design Too Busy

It’s easy to get carried away and add too many elements to your design. But, the busier you make the design, the harder it is for other drivers to see and make sense of.

Instead, opt for a simpler design with only a few images and sections of patterns. That way, you’re wrap will look professional and not too busy.

Incorporate Your Brand Image

The most important thing to do when designing your vehicle wrap is to include your brand image. This is what the potential customers will remember long after you drive away. If you don’t include your brand image, the customer may not remember your business very long.

Trust the Professionals

If you can’t come up with wrap design ideas or you don’t have time to design the wrap yourself, you can always hire the pros to do it for you. Make sure to hire a skilled company like where they can help you with every step of the wrapping process.

That’s a Wrap

Once you get your design the way you like it, you can send off the images to the vehicle wrap provider for printing. After that, you apply the vinyl and you’re done!

Keep this article in mind during the design phase of the process. That way, you know you’re designing an effective and attractive wrap design.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about designing vehicle wraps. If you’re looking for more helpful articles about technology, finance, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!