Telugu Iconic Movie Stalkers, Ranked by Obsession Level

The fact is not hidden from the rest of the world that Telugu people are die-hard fans of Tollywood movies. Their obsession extends to the fact that the fans worship their favorite actors. They will go to any extent to watch every single movie of their cine idol. Aha app/OTT now caters to this very desire. The fans can now watch HD movies online.

It is essential to know that people from south India have always been avid fans of movies. Not only movies, they even idolize the larger-than-life characters of the Telugu films.

Stalking- the latest trend 

We are talking about a popular trend in movies nowadays- stalking or obsession. Obsession within limits is admiration, but once it takes over the psyche, it becomes a fatal attraction. It is here where the jilted lover, male or female, comes into action.

Of late, south Indian cinema has taken stalking to the next level. The love no longer remains a light-hearted matter. However, some iconic Telugu stalker movies beg to differ. Many  stalker movies saw successful box office runs. In case you missed watching them on the big screen, watch it on the Aha app.

It is not surprising to see many of the big-ticket Telugu movies that boast a stellar star cast have had the stalker or obsessed- to- dangerous- degree as the main theme.

You will find all the big stars of Tollywood, like Ram Charan, Ravi Teja, Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun, Prabhas, and others enacting the role of a stalker or obsessed lover.

The interesting part is that all these actors portray their characters with different degrees of voyeurism, which speaks of how these films handle stalking.

The good thing is that audience like to watch this different kind of movies. What is important is that the content has an underlying lesson to learn from the movies. These movies teach what one should do and what one should not do.

The point 

The stalking theme in Telugu movies is not about an ulterior motive. And this is the quality that sets Telugu films apart from other stalker movies. The good side of the stalker is revealed in one way or the other. And aha, understand the real motive behind these films. And so it brings good movies right to your homes.

When you watch these movies on aha, you will understand what the story is all about. All you need is to select a movie in the order you like and watch it.

Over to you

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