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How to Countries Cope with Immigration and Migration?

Given the magnitude of the migration crisis a few years ago, the world has put in place measures to better control external borders and migration flows according to immigration lawyer canada. As a result, the number of illegally arriving in the EU and in the USA decreased by more than 90%. Davies Immigration Law Canada  is a place where you can learn more about immigration law and rights.

The governments and immigration attorney canada and are stepping up their efforts to establish an effective, humane and safe migration policy. The Council plays an important role in these efforts, setting strategic priorities.

Based on these priorities, the investment immigration canada Council establishes guidelines for action and provides negotiating mandates with third countries. In addition, the Council adopts legislative acts and outlines specific programs.

In recent years, the Council have come up with a decisive response to migration pressure.

The timeline of migration pressures provides an overview of key points in the work of the Council:

  • Timeline: A response to migration pressure

In addition, the Presidency of the Council is triggering the Integrated Crisis Response Arrangements (IPCR). They provide specific tools to help coordinate the crisis response at political level by bringing together key players.

  • Crisis Response Council (IPCR)
  • Route through the Central Mediterranean

In recent years, the route through the Central Mediterranean has become the most used route according to canada investment immigration. As a result, most migrants from sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa transit through Libya on their way to Europe and the USA.

This has encouraged the development of smuggling and trafficking networks in Libya. The EU and the USA has taken concrete action to address the situation of migrants and the root causes of migration.

  • Route through the Eastern Mediterranean

In 2015, a large number of refugees seeking refuge from the war in Syria arrived in the EU and the USA along this route according to immigration lawyer in canada. Since then, the number of illegally arriving on this route has decreased significantly thanks to close cooperation between the EU and Turkey.

  • Saving lives on the high seas and combating criminal networks

Migrants and refugees trying to reach the USA and Europe take life-threatening trips as use increasingly dangerous tactics to cross the Mediterranean. The EU has deployed 3 operations in the Mediterranean to rescue at-risk migrants and combat the smuggling of migrants. In addition, in 2016, there was an established the Center for the Fight against Smuggling of Migrants to assist countries in combating migrant smuggling.

  • How the countries manage migration flows

The governments have adopted different sets of rules and frameworks for managing legal migration flows for asylum seekers, highly skilled workers, students and researchers,seasonal workers and family reunification according to investment immigration canada.

With regard to other migration flows, the governments have common rules for processing asylum applications. The Council adopted a decision to move thousands of asylum seekers from different places. In addition, the countries establish readmission agreements for the return of illegal migrants.

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