Steps Covered in Audit Process before Award Halal Certificate

Before getting a halal certification for your products or services, an audit must be executed in order to make sure that your business is acquiescent with the halal norms that are offered by the Sharia law and regulated by the official bodies in the target area or country.

Halalxpert offers auditing and consulting services that are run by professionals. Each audit process will give your company an overall appraisal together with a list of changes that need to be done so as to get the halal certification. Each audit is custom-made to the needs of each company, hence ensuring high-quality collaboration.

How the Audit Process Starts

The audit process generally starts with an enquiry that should be done by either email or phone. Once the client opt Halal认证 services plans, the company consultants will work with you in order to set up a specific plan for the audit. The company consultants (joined by technical and Sharia experts) will thoroughly inspect your establishment, in order to make sure that everything is compliant with the Sharia law.

Steps Covered in Audit Process

  • Overall Aspect of the Facility: This is a crucial aspect of the audit. Any irregularities found will have to be resolved before certification can be attained
  • Safety measures are important for both for customers and employees
  • Sanitary measures for food and products will be accounted for
  • Product handling and distribution is one of the key aspect in obtaining the certification
  • Storage facilities play an important role because there are strict regulations that need to be met in order to complete the audit

Once the audit process gets started, the experts will give a detailed list of changes that need to be done in order for your company to comply with the correct standards and regulations.