Some Studies on E-cigarettes as a Quitting Aid

The use of e-cigarettes as a quitting aid to smoking has often been a subject of debate in many circles. However, the fact remains that it has not yet been approved the status of a quit smoking aid by the FDA. Moreover, a group of health experts that helps in making suggestions regarding preventive health care in the US, the Preventive Services Task Force, has also concluded that there is not much proof to substantiate that it can help to quit smoking completely. There are also a few studies that have been conducted on the topic.

  • The Cochrane Review is mixed – The Cochrane review was a controlled trial carried out in September 2016 that found proofs that e cigarettes at E-cigarette Club with nicotine can be helpful to quit smoking as compared to non-nicotine or placebo e-cigarettes. Although there were limitations in the research in that it had a wide error margin, a limited number of trials and minimal sample size yet the findings are somewhat crucial. However, it cannot be relied upon for the long term.
  • The CDC Study is not so reliable – The reports of the CDC Study was published in April 2017 that highlighted the fact that many adults use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Anyway, most adults also used conventional cigarettes along with it. This aspect is known as ‘dual-use’. ‘Dual-use’ is not a recommended way to get rid of smoking as smoking even a few cigarettes a day can prove to be harmful. Therefore, the results of this study are not so reliable and cannot be a proper benchmark for making a judgment.

More studies and research is needed on it to establish the veracity of these claims. Time will only decide whether it can be a quit aid to smoking or not.Anyway, there are still users and believers who think the other way round. They have firm belief that it can help in quitting if it is used as the only substitute for all forms of cigarette and other tobacco-based substances.