Signs that your Twitter account is hacked

Not very long ago, in an incident there were about 250,000 Twitter accounts that were compromised when somebody broke into the database of Twitter. While such huge misuses are remarkable, hackers routinely break into social media accounts of many people each day. Frequently, the owner does not notice this for a considerable length of time or even weeks or months. When you recognize what to search for, you can take steps to guarantee you oversee your account and play it safe to limit the chance that it happens time and again.

Unusual Activity on Your Account

In the event that your Twitter account begins showing unusual action, it is likely been hacked by Twitzor. This incorporates tweets you didn’t postand the direct messages or DMS that you didn’t send. Another indication of a hacked twitter account is on the off chance that it follows, unfollows or blocks individuals without anyone else’s input. Except if you sweep through your own profile pageor check your sent DMs, you probably won’t see these indications. The main sign might be tweets or messages from other individuals blaming you for spam, or followers starting to unfollow you or block you. In the event that individuals begin responding abnormally, check your DM and tweet history to ensure your account isn’t causing the issue.

You Can’t Log In

When a hacker reaches your Twitter account, he is then in a situation to change your username, password, your profile information and contact email address. On the off chance that you discover you can never again sign in to your own Twitter account, there is a decent possibility you have been hacked. In the event that the email address you use for Twitter has been modified, you should check for a notification email from Twitter in your Inbox or Spam mentioning the change requested. On the off chance that Twitter speculates you have been hacked, it might reset your password for you and send you a notice with this impact. Another entry point for a hacker can be any Twitter customers you use to deal with your account, such as Hootsuite, Facebook or TweetDeck. In the event that somebody hacks into one of your Twitter accounts, they can utilize it to get to your Twitter account.

What to Do

On the off chance that you presume you have been hacked you need to change your Twitter password that you use. Get a strong password. On the off chance that you can’t change your password, contact Twitter support immediately. Request them for a password reset which would be sent to your email address.