Radio Marketing: How to Craft an Audio Advert

Are you looking for innovative new ways to connect with your audience?

Small businesses have been so focused on digital marketing these days that older advertising methods have largely been left by the wayside. Things like television, print, and radio marketing are still proven to work well in the right circumstances, however, so why not try to stand out from the crowd?

In this post, we’re going to help you with your radio ad campaign by telling you exactly how to craft an audio advert. There are amazing methods you can use to grab people’s attention and market your products in a meaningful way.

Writing Effective Copy

Think about what you want the advertisement to say. You’ve probably only got 15-30 seconds to promote your product, so you need it to captivate your audience right away.

Presenting a Problem and Your Solution

If you’re promoting a product or service, one great way to start is by presenting your listeners with a problem. Basically, you want to set it up so that they go to your business to solve this annoying problem.

For example, if you’re promoting a new eco-friendly cleaning product, your ad could talk about the waste involved with Swiffer Sweepers and how it affects the environment. This will immediately appeal to your eco-conscious listener and from there, you can show them how your product/service can help them lower their carbon footprint.

Focus On Message

Focus on your messaging. You want your brand and voice to come across in a way that’s consistent with how you promote your business through other channels.

This starts with writing great copy, but the production of the ad itself is just as important. Things like music, effects, and the person reading the ad can help you achieve this brand consistency. Hiring someone like Jamie Hill, who is an experienced voice actor with loads of credits to her name, can help you capture the right voice and mood for your ad.

Call to Action

Everything up until now – your branding and your enticing copy – is leading up to a strong call to action. This is the thing that your ad is supposed to achieve, so you need to have it figured out beforehand.

Are you trying to get visitors into your physical location for a sale? Are you trying to direct them to your website or social media pages so that you can get them on a mailing list?

Your CTA should be very clear and concise because you only have a short period of time to say what you need to say in an audio ad, whether it be on radio or a podcast. This is also how you’ll measure the success of your ad later on. Did the consumer do what you wanted them to or do you need to go back to the drawing board?

Utilize Radio Marketing In Your Next Ad Campaign

Now that you understand how to structure a radio advertisement a bit better, you can utilize radio marketing during your next ad campaign. It can be really effective on its own, but invaluable when used in conjunction with other types of marketing. Get your copy written and hire a great voice actor to execute your ad today and watch the sales come in.

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