Questions You Should Expect From Car Insurance Companies


You have been shopping for car insurance, and you just stumbled upon the best Miami car insurance. As you are planning to approach the insurance company, you need to know that as you may have some questions for the good guys, they will also have some for you. The following are some of the questions that you should prepare to answer.

  1. Have you had a speeding ticket in the recent past?

Why would a car insurance Amelia OH company want to know if you have had a speeding ticket recently? For one, you need to know it is all called for. It is a way for them to find out how likely you are to get into an accident. Also, you need to know that the answer you give them will determine your quote. Look at it this way; if you love to speed, you expose yourself to more accidents. The insurance company will, therefore, use the tickets to increase your rates. For instance, one ticket can make them increase your rate by 15%.

  1. How many car insurance claims have you made in the past?

This is yet another question that an insurer will ask himself for protection. Note that if you have made many claims in the past, then it means that your car has been involved in an accident a couple of times. What that indicates is a high likelihood of such an event repeating itself. For that reason, the insurer will be compelled to put you on higher premiums.

Remember that this is a risk to the insurance company and it needs to account for it. To be safe, it is always advisable to dish out money from your pockets to take care of the minor repair issues. This will reduce your claims.

  1. How much do you drive?

Do not be surprised when this question comes your way. An insurer will always want to know how often your car is on the road. Why? It is a good indicator of how much your vehicle is exposed to accidents and damage. If you spend less time on the road, you are likely to get a lower quote. If you drive a lot, your quote will increase due to the higher risk.

You can also be asked whether you are married or single. Most insurers also use that information to gauge your carefulness on the road. The single people are assumed to be a little reckless.