Questions to ask an employment lawyer before engaging one

Are you an employee or an employer who often gets confused on advising, interpreting, and litigating legal problems? Do you want someone to document or review your documents? Hiring employment lawyers is a choice you will never regret. They make the process easier and simpler. One can either hire them for one project or high volume work. For an employee, the lawyer can act as a representative when there is an issue between them and the employer. They explain your rights and make a pathway to make you win. These people know if your case is worth proceeding with before spending loads of money on it. 

From 2018-2019 the Australian human rights commission received about 13,989 enquiries for employment issues. These cases were due to sex discrimination, disability discrimination, harassment and bullying, racial hatred, and immigration. These issues become big problems when you do not know how to deal with them further. An employment attorney helps you negotiate a settlement between the employer and the employees. They can help you communicate your issues and resolve them even before filing a case. If things don’t seem perfect after negotiation between the two parties, they help claim filing. It is always better to talk to an employment lawyer after being hired to spot any issues with your job. Consider these aspects before hiring-

1. Services offered

A primary question anybody would ask employment lawyers is what cases they deal with in the court. Make sure your law firm provides you with the lawyer you expect. For example, if you need to resolve sex discrimination problems at your company, you require related specialists. If you are looking for someone to settle your pension issues, then you will look for a pension specialist. 

2. Experience

Ask about the experience of the employment lawyers. Experienced lawyers have good communication skills and extensive legal research skills. Also, check about what people appraise about the law firms. It does not mean that young lawyers cannot make it. Many young and budding lawyers are more informative and friendly to their clients. On top of all aspects, prefer the lawyer you are impressed with and feel comfortable. 

3. Fixed or capped fees

Ask the lawyer if they prefer fixed or capped fees or go with which you feel comfortable. The fixed charge is a well-known charge; that you will be paying to the lawyer. The bills would not increase or decrease at any cost. Whereas the capped charges mean there are chances for the fees to be low but may not exceed the maximum fee. 

4. Communication

Ask how often the lawyer will communicate with you regarding the case. Generally, this communication can be through phone calls or emails. If you prefer meeting the lawyer in person, tell them clearly. Discuss with your solicitor your convenient time and date to speak. Ask if your solicitor is working part-time or full-time. Ask how long they would take to reply to your query mails. 

5. How unique are they? 

Ask why you should hire them and how they are different from others. Enquire about the lawyers provided by the law firm. Understand that lawyers deal with many cases, so they do not have to sympathise with you. They have to understand your problem and guide you. 

6. Dedicated advisor

Clients prefer assigning a particular advisor for the complete project. It makes the process easy by keeping up the continuity and making communication easier. Employment lawyers also find it easier; when they deal with clients of well-known history. 


Overall, it is important to check on the negotiation capabilities of the team you hire. They must deal with any issue amicably and provide long-term solutions.