Pool Table Sizes: How to Choose the Right One for Your Space

Did you hear about the man who built a 30-foot pool table in his backyard?

Yes, you read that right — 30 feet! The table also features a full set of six-pound bowling balls to strike into the oversized pockets.

If you’re researching pool table sizes, we’ll assume you’re not looking to become the next world-record-breaker. Chances are you’re just interested in bar size vs professional size pool tables and how you can choose the right one for your space.

We have the answers you’re looking for, so keep reading for your 101 class in pool table sizes.

Common Pool Table Sizes

In the US, there are three main pool table sizes:

  • 7-foot table (3.5 feet x 7 feet), known as “bar size”
  • 8-foot table (4 feet x 8 feet), known as “professional size”
  • 9-foot table (4.5 feet x 9 feet), considered “professional size” or “tournament size”

Coin-operated bar size (7-foot tables) are what you usually see in bars or restaurants, due to their compact size. 8-foot and 9-foot tables are generally reserved for professional players and tournaments.

What’s the Right Size Pool Table for Your Space?

It may not seem like much of a difference between a 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot pool table, but those extra inches add up. Not only do you need to consider how the table will fit in the room, but you also need to ensure there’s plenty of clearance to play around the table too.

Bonus tip: Just like there are different pool table sizes, there are also different pool cue sizes. Before you start shopping for cues, consider watching pool cues rotating in 4k ultra HD so you know exactly what to expect.

Generally speaking, pool table cues come in three sizes: 48″, 52″, or 58″. Here’s the amount of space you’ll need around each pool table size, based on the length of your pool cues.

For a 7-foot pool table, the room needs to be:

  • At least 11 feet x 14 feet (for a 48″ cue)
  • At least 12 feet x 15 feet (for a 52″ cue)
  • At least 13 feet x 16 feet (for a 58″ cue)

For an 8-foot pool table, the room needs to be:

  • At least 12 feet x 15 feet (for a 48″ cue)
  • At least 12 feet x 16 feet (for a 52″ cue)
  • At least 13 feet x 17 feet (for a 58″ cue)

For a 9-foot pool table, the room needs to be:

  • At least 12 feet x 16 feet (for a 48″ cue)
  • At least 13 feet x 17 feet (for a 52″ cue)
  • At least 14 feet x 18 feet (for a 58″ cue)

Whether you’re outfitting a bar or a room in your home, make sure to measure the room so you can buy the appropriately sized pool table.

Pool & Billiard Tables: Size Matters

You might dream of having a regulation-size pool table in your home or bar, but you need to be realistic about the amount of space you have.

Just because you can walk around the table doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play on it. Use the recommended measurements listed above to ensure you have the space needed to efficiently play on the table you’re considering.

Whether you go with bar size or professional size, one thing is for sure: You’ll have endless hours of fun on your new pool table!

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