Is the Dealership the Best Option for Ford Car Repairs?

There’s a ton of car repair places, services, and professionals out there. Many people want quality, but they also don’t want to pay too much for service and repairs. Finding a good balance between those two things isn’t always easy. Taking your car to the dealership is often the safest bet. Here’s why.

What You Can Do Just about Anywhere

There’s some services that you can go anywhere for. Small things like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery swaps don’t need a lot of expert guidance. In fact, there’s a ton of things you can do yourself as well. And while anybody could do these things, you may still want to consider the dealership for them.

What the Dealership Has that Other Places Don’t

The Ford dealership Indianapolis residents go to will have a number of things that you and other auto mechanics don’t have, and literally cannot get. A certified dealership will have

  • specialized tools for your specific make and model;
  • manufacturer guidelines that outline precisely how to handle certain issues and tasks;
  • and a good level of history and experience with dealing with your exact model, as opposed to dealing with cars in general.

All of these things will go towards maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. Repairs and maintenance will also occur more swiftly at a dealership. Since they have the special tools designed specifically for your vehicle, it can make the process easier and faster. There’s less guesswork since the vehicle knowledge at a certified dealership will consist of your car’s brand.

Original parts

Dealerships can often purchase OEM parts that other places have no access to. This can make the difference between driving around with iffy aftermarket parts, and official parts from the manufacturer. Occasionally, aftermarket parts can void your warranty or give you additional issues in the future. It’s always better to use parts sanctioned by the manufacturer whenever possible.

Are You Still Under Warranty?

One often-overlooked benefit of a certified dealership is they often operate within the boundaries of your vehicle’s warranty. There’s no chance they will violate the warranty, and a great chance the warranty will cover their certified services.

Are you leasing your vehicle, or still paying off the loan for it? A certified dealership definitely won’t violate your lease agreement or cause you any issues with your lender.

Are You Ready to Bring Your Car to the Dealership?

For all these reasons and more, it’s better to go to the dealership. If you go elsewhere, make sure to use a mechanic certified to deal with your particular make for many of the same reasons mentioned. If it happens that you purchased your vehicle from the dealership, then that’s more of a reason to use the dealership for service.

If you want your car to continue to perform for you as it should, then take it to the dealership for servicing. Bring your car to a Ford dealership Indianapolis natives trust.