Insane facts about sex dolls

Most of the owners of sex dolls use these dolls only for the purpose of sexual satisfaction. But there are few people who treat their dolls just like their own girlfriend or wife. For example, Davecat, a man who is from Michigan, recently got married to a sex doll named as Sidore. He pampers her doll so much that he calls her by the name ‘Elena’. Davecat’s better half is a real doll which costs near around 6,000. They both got married in a legal manner and have exchanged wedding rings and they are about to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary! There are some more crazy facts about these love dolls.

  • The Japanese sex doll industry uses the term ‘Dutch Wives’ for these real love dolls. They had formed manikins out of material to fulfill their inclinations to some degree. With Dutch mariners, the dolls were usually made up of leather.
  • The Barbie’s which are usually used by the children is based on the concept of sex doll. Germany had a doll named as ‘Bild Lilli Doll’. This erotic and sexual doll became famous and appealing on-screen character in Germany and was made exclusively for adult men.
  • Sex dolls can get truly genuine. Rather, these dolls are perfect sex doll essentially for men and women. These dolls have been made with immense care and all the bodily features of the doll resemble that of a real woman. With fastidious craftsmanship and cautious production line work, all the minute details including hair, eye, butt, boobs, and vagina are made as realistic as possible. Most of the clients have said that when they insert their dick inside the vagina, they get the exact feeling of real women.
  • The sex doll industry is coming up with a lot of innovation. The industry has now introduced male dolls for bringing pleasure to both men and women. However, the production of these dolls is just 10%. As far as the male sex dolls are concerned, the choices of alternative are very less and are less adaptability than their female partners.
  • The fandom based on this industry is increasing gradually. Most of the men are of the opinion that it is better to stay away from human connections and live with a love doll. A sex doll can fulfill all the desires that a man wants and that too without any nagging and complains. Most of them believe that these dolls are superior to the organic counterparts of the real women because these dolls will never complain!
  • The demand for the sex dolls for sell is on the rise. The brothels which earlier had real women are now being replaced with sex dolls! One such example is the Japanese brothel. The Japanese’s appetite to being inventive with sex dolls uses doesn’t stop here – a TV program was organized where the silicon sex doll was introduced. This has made the industry more famous. This is because you have the fear of getting STI when having sex with a real woman. There is no fear of getting any kind of sexual disease and one can enjoy the raw pleasures without making use of any condom or other protection!