How to Turn Your Pet Into a Meme

Dogs can learn over 100 hand signals and words!

From solving puzzles to melting our hearts, is there anything a pet can’t do? It doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, or even a goldfish; the bond between you and your animal is unbreakable.

If you want to share your beloved pet with the world in the form of a fun pet meme, this article’s for you! How can you take the perfect picture and find the right caption?

Read on to learn all about making memes for fun.

Pick the Right Photo

When you want to turn your pet into a meme, you have to pick the right photo. Look for a photo that doesn’t have a lot of action going on in the background. Instead, the sole focus should be on your pet and their expression.

Typically, a photo of your pet from the shoulders and up will work best. However, in some situations, a full-body photo of your pet will turn into the perfect meme.

Choose a photo that clearly tells the viewer what to focus on. For instance, is your pet making a ridiculously cute expression on their face?

Then you’ll want the photo to be a close-up where you can easily see the expression. That way, the caption will perfectly match whatever expression your pet’s making.

If the meme has to do with something that your pet is doing, it needs to be clear what the pet is up to.

For instance, perhaps your dog is about to get into a little bit of trouble with the cat! Make it clear that the cat is in the photo. Otherwise, it’ll be confusing to everybody viewing the meme.

Pick a Pet Meme Caption

What type of caption should you adorn your pet meme with? There are so many wonderful choices! You can begin by looking at popular memes that are out there today.

Find out what influencers are using right now, and see if there’s a way you can copycat it. Oftentimes, you can mimic the meme exactly, with your own special twist.

Of course, there are those of us who enjoy breaking the mold. If you want to create a meme that sets you apart from the rest, then come up with a completely unique caption.

For the best caption, try to keep it short and simple. It should be easy for readers to understand what idea you’re trying to convey. The more humorous, the better!

Use a Good Meme Template

Once you have your photo and caption picked out, the next step is to put everything together with a good meme template. When finding a good meme generator or template, make sure that you’re downloading from safe sites. You’ll want to read a few customer reviews online.

Take things one step further by doing a quick search of the company you’re downloading the app from. Once you’re certain it’s a safe source, you can download the meme generator and start creating the best memes.

Get creative with your backgrounds. The more you practice making memes, the better you’ll get!

Make It and Show It

Stop dreaming about making the perfect pet meme, and start making it a reality! Go ahead and have a fun photoshoot with your pet today.

Try to capture the perfect expression, or look for picture-perfect moments. Once you have the perfect picture picked out, you can create a captivating caption.

We’re sure that your meme will be a big hit! Enjoy more big hit ideas by browsing the rest of this website.