How to Start UPSC Exam Preparation 

UPSC is one of the top-level exams in India. If you are confused about the UPSC full form, we are here to help you out. If you want to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission, you get the best tips in this article. 

If you are a beginner, you’ll have to follow some important tips. That’s why we are covering the top seven tips to start UPSC preparation. Make sure you are reading these tips before preparing for the IAS exam. 

Best Tips to Start UPSC Preparation

Preparing for the UPSC exam can be hectic, especially when you are doing it for the first time. If you have been searching for IAS full form, you need to know more about it.  

1. Study UPSC Syllabus

First, you need to study the syllabus of UPSC. Being one of the most prestigious exams in India, UPSC releases a detailed syllabus for aspirants. Well, this is the soul of the exam. Make sure you are studying the syllabus for the main exam as well. 

2. Make a Routine

Many people who are finding the IPS full form, don’t know that they need to make a timetable to prepare for the exam. But, if you wish to be an IAS or IPS officer, you need to be well-organized. So, make sure you are making a comfortable routine before you start the exam preparation. 

3. Prepare Yourself

No matter which coaching center you are choosing or what routine you are following, you need to prepare yourself for everything. It’s more essential when you are preparing for an exam like UPSC. Make sure you are preparing yourself both mentally and physically. Plus, try to set goals as it can make everything easier. 

4. Solving Previous Years’ Questions

When you prepare for the IAS exam for the first time, you will see several issues. It happens as you are a complete beginner. That’s the reason many academies are providing aspirants’ previous years’ questions alongside notes. The more you are solving these questions, the more you can understand the basics of this exam.

5. Mock Test

A mock test is very essential when you are attending the UPSC exam. Mock test series can help you overcome the fear of examinations. That’s the reason many reputed academies are providing mock test series to aspirants. Hence, you can also participate in online mock test series. There are various online platforms that provide mock tests for UPSC aspirants. 

6. Choose Relevant Study Materials

When you are preparing for a top-level exam like IAS or IPS, you need to find the best study materials. If you are getting enrolled in a reputed academy, they will provide you with relevant study materials. Else, you have to find them all by yourself. Make sure you are studying the syllabus first, so it will be easier to find study materials. 

7. Prepare For UPSC Interview

Last but not least, the interview is a crucial part of the UPSC exam. You need to prepare for it from day one. Well, many institutes are guiding aspirants to improve personal development skills to crack the UPSC interview. If you are preparing for the exam on your own, you can get help from a mentor. 


You see, preparing for the civil service exam can be crucial. If you are just starting off, you need to follow some steps. We have covered some essential tips in this article. You can also get help from a UPSC coaching center. For more information, you can contact a well-known academy.