How to Grow Your Business Using Explainer Videos 

Did you know that the world watches more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos each day? That’s pretty mind-boggling since the platform was only launched in 2005.

Across the planet, our viewing habits are switching away from live TV towards online video content. This means online video content is something that all businesses need to be getting on board with as a way of marketing their products to an ever-increasing audience.

Users around the world, just like you, create new posts every day and use the various functions of the platform. One of those widely used features is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are nothing more than 10-second videos or photos with text overlays, emoticons, and handwritten and personalized notes. A key feature of Instagram Stories is that they aren’t available forever, unlike posts in your feed, and are deleted after 24 hours. Do you want maximum views on your stories? If yes, then come and buy Instagram story views from Fameoninsta service. We offer several attractive plans to choose from.

Here, we demonstrate why creating explainer videos are the perfect way to add quality video content to your site. We explain why they help you connect with a large audience and generate plenty of high-quality traffic to your site. Plus, we tell you how to set about creating the optimal explainer video to grow your business. Check more followers on insta

Why you need to be using online video content to market your business

If you’re not already using videos to promote your business, then you should be. 

Here’s why:

  • All search engines love video. It’s seen as high-quality, useful content, so if you’ve got video content on your site, you’ll rank higher. You’ll then get more traffic to your site, which should increase sales. 
  • YouTube is now often seen as the world’s second search engine. The platform now has around 2 billion logged in users worldwide. Globally, it’s the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. That’s a big potential audience for you to get in front of. Check color books on amazon
  • Despite the growing trend for video marketing, small businesses using video are still in the minority (it’s thought to be around one in 10 in the U.S). This means getting video onto your site puts you ahead of the competition.
  • Video gives you a chance to really engage your audience and build brand loyalty. Lots of people prefer watching video online to reading online content, especially if they are trying to research something more complex.

However, producing video content is only worthwhile if people actually see it. So, how can you make sure your videos are watched by the biggest audience possible? Also, how can you produce high-quality videos that will grow your business by helping you rank higher with Google? 

Here’s how to make sure your video gets seen and noticed.

  1. Create useful video content

Here’s where the value of an “explainer video” comes in. This is a short animated video that explains your product or service. 

Why opt for an explainer video?

An explainer video can express what the services or products of a business are all about incredibly succinctly, compared to web pages of text. This is why search engines like them; they allow a person to very quickly understand whether a business will meet their needs or not. 

The algorithms of search engines are set to prioritize useful content. They’re looking to rank videos highly if they provide useful information to the person performing the search. So, for instance, your video should aim to answer a question, solve a problem, or explain something to a consumer. 

If you do this, then the people watching your videos will stay for the entire length of the video. This is one of the indicators to search engines that your content is of high value. 

This is why explainer videos work so well. You present a classic customer pain point and demonstrate how using your product or service will solve it

2. Don’t economize with DIY video

While it’s cheap and easy to create video content using your mobile device and upload it to YouTube yourself, this is almost certainly false economy. A DIY video is easy to spot and is not well-regarded by any potential audience. High-quality animated videos stand out and send out the right message about the professionalism of your service or the quality of your product. 

Engaging the services of an animated video production company will allow you to draw on their expertise and their high-quality production process to ensure your video is sleek, professional and impressive. 

2. Keep video content concise 

This is a vital point. Few people have the time and patience to watch more than a few minutes of video. If your video begins to ramble, you’ll lose your viewer. 

So keep in mind the following points to keep your video content short and sweet:

  • Stick to the rule of three minutes max. Shorter is better, however. If your video is longer than a few minutes, then browsers are unlikely to play it. 
  • Consider creating more than one video or a series of videos if you will struggle to follow the above rule.
  • Aim to fully engage the viewer in the first few moments of the video. Do this by presenting a problem, then demonstrating how your product or service solves it. 

3. Utilize text captions

Using text captions in your video will help get your point across more easily by drawing attention to the most key points. It will also allow those who are watching video without sound (as often happens on social media) gain some information from your video.

A good video production company will be using text captions alongside animation and voiceover to create your video. 

4.Optimize your content for SEO

Even though you’ve now produced a great video that succinctly explains what your business is all about, you still need to ensure it reaches an audience. Optimizing your content for SEO (search engine optimization) means this should happen from the moment it’s uploaded.

SEO is the practice of developing your content to ensure that it’s found by search engines and ranked highly on results pages. It should also improve the quantity and quality of traffic coming into your site from online search results.

Optimizing your content for SEO is a complex skill that requires experience and knowledge. Thankfully, there are reputable professional services to turn to, and it’s vital to invest in their knowledge if you want your video content to reach a bigger audience. 

5. Make sure your video content is mobile-friendly

About 70% of YouTube videos are watched on a mobile device. This illustrates that the volume of people searching for online content on mobile is high. If your video is not mobile-friendly, then you’ll lose a huge chunk of the prospective audience.

YouTube and Vimeo automatically ensure that video works for mobile, but not all platforms do, so don’t take it for granted.

Consider also that thumbnail videos in listings will appear much smaller on mobile devices. Keep your animations crisp and clear to ensure they still have an impact when thumbnail-size.

The Takeaway

Adding an explainer video to your marketing toolkit is a straightforward way of boosting your ranking in online searches and generating profitable traffic to your site. However, to have optimal results, you need a high-quality video optimized for SEO. 


Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organisations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and has worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac and the Australian Government, running campaigns and reaching millions of people. Check bodybuilders blogs