How To Distinguish Between High Quality and Bad Quality CBD Oil

The cannabis plant has been in existence for the longest time, and its uses have gained popularity over the years. Firstly, from it, you can extract the commonly known product, weed. Weed contains a high level of THC which is responsible for the high factor. Also, CBD oil is also a byproduct of the cannabis plant, but the difference is that it contains close to 0% THC levels thus not having the psychoactive effect.

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Studies have shown that CBD oil has many benefits especially medically such as a cure for acne, antibacterial, epilepsy cure, and pain relief to mention a few. However, the sad truth is that as much as there are legit sellers out there, there are quite many fraudsters also whose main focus is to rip you off. How then are you able to differentiate between high quality and low-quality CBD oil? Here are a few tips that will be helpful to you;

  1.    Growth And Cultivation Of The Plant

The quality of the CBD oil intended to be produced from the plant is determined from the word go. The minute the plant is planted all the way to the way it is harvested has a significant impact on how good or bad the CBD oil will be. The marijuana plant is a bioaccumulator; what this means is that it absorbs absolutely everything from the ground. Therefore, if the plant is grown in soil that is polluted and has toxic substances, it is bound to absorb them hence affecting the CBD oil quality. As you seek to buy the oil, do not settle for anything less than organically grown hemp.

  1.    Third Party Lab Report

An example of good quality CBD is one that has been tested in a third party lab. Furthermore, seek to go through the lab report to gauge the purity and potency levels. Ideally, CBD oil should contain not more than 0.03% levels of TCH. However, this is entirely dependent on your intended purpose of use; if marijuana is not legal in your state, then, by all means, do not indulge in any CBD oil that has more than the 0.03% THC levels.

  1.    Extraction Process

CBD oil extraction requires heavy machinery and a relatively complicated process. The standard extraction process of the oil involves using carbon dioxide subjected to extremely low temperatures and high pressures. As a result, the oil produced is of equally high yield and is the much recommended one. The suppliers you purpose to purchase from should be able to assure you of the exact process undertaken during the extraction process for you to determine if it is of high quality.

  1.    Pricing

You have to be extremely careful with the amount indicated on the CBD oil containers in the stores.  Due to the complex extraction process of the oil, the prices are bound to be relatively high especially if it is of high quality. Be very cautious of low prices as it is obviously an indication that the oil is of poor quality.