How to Cancel Your Appointment with An Escort?

One very frustrating thing that many escorts have to face at some stage of their career is getting cancellation from clients. The reason can be legitimate or sometimes it may be insubstantial too.

As far as cancelling of booking is concerned, escorts have heard almost every possible excuse. Though in the perfect world, any client will only book if they are sure that they will be able to meet as per the appointment, however in reality things do not happen that way.

However, cancelling appointment by any client in respectable way can certainly build trust for future booking with the escort girl.

If you have made an appointment with certain escort of your choice from LOveSita and want to cancel it due to any reason, make sure that you follow these tips.

Be honest

It will be a worst thing, if till last moment you did not know that you have to cancel your appointment, however it is important that you are honest with the escort to explain the circumstances under which you are cancelling the appointment.

Escorts are often familiar with the lies that many of their clients tell them while cancelling the appointment.

So, whatever may be the reason, if you are up front with the escort then it may get better outcome for your future appointment.

Give advance notice

You can certainly win the trust of the escort, if you know in advance that you are not able to fix your appointment and inform them well in advance. Often last-minute cancellation can put the escort in very uncomfortable situation.

If you can tell the escort about cancellation of appointment a day or a week before then she can reschedule with some other client and she will not really mind.

You must understand that few independent escorts make arrangement for hotel room booking and often pay from their pocket. Therefore, your sudden cancellation can become too costly for her.

Pay outstanding booking fee/deposit

In certain escort agencies, you need to pay booking fee or certain token amount as deposit for fixing your appointment. In some cases, it may be just $50 or $100 but, in some cases, it can be 50% of the total fee.

You must show your gesture by letting the deposit with the escort instead of asking for refund. This will help you to gain her trust and if you book her again, you may get priority too.

Reschedule if possible

By following proper protocol and also by not ignoring the interest of the escort even after cancelling your pre-arranged booking with her, she will most likely look forward to you next time, if you book again.

However, before booking, you must make absolutely certain that this time there will be no chance of any cancellation of an appointment.

On the contrary, if you just play hide and seek game with the escort then surely you are going to be blacklisted by the escort as well as their agency and your future booking will never be accepted by them.