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How to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Home

Sydney is a vibrant city filled with activities to do both during the daytime and in the nighttime. New South Wales’s capital city has bars open until 3:00 am, especially in the Sydney CBD entertainment district. Residents and tourists visiting Sydney will have a lot of time to have fun during the night, including visiting the iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbor Bridge with full lights on. However, when you go out for drinks, you should do it in moderation to prevent yourself from getting into undesirable situations. One of these situations is being locked out of your home or apartment and having to call a locksmith Sydney in the middle of the night.

How to Prevent Yourself from Being Locked Out of Your Home

People will always have moments when they get distracted enough to cause them to forget their keys. When this happens, they either get locked out of their vehicles or their homes. If this happens to you, you may end up paying expensive fees from emergency locksmiths, especially if you factor in inconvenient times such as being locked out in the early morning hours. Here is how to avoid getting locked out of your home in the future.

Install a Keyless Doorknob. If you often get locked out of your home because you forgot to take your keys with you, then it is time to switch to a keyless doorknob with a deadbolt system. A keyless doorknob features a doorknob that does not require a key to open. If you pair it with a deadbolt system that can only be locked from the outside, you will always be reminded to have your key with you. The idea of this is: If you do not have your key with you when you go outside the house, you will not be able to lock your home if you are going to work. Likewise, if you need to go outside for a moment, you do not have to worry about accidentally getting locked out. However, if you feel that a deadbolt system is a downgrade in your door’s security, you can always have a locksmith Sydney install multiple deadbolts to your main door, which you can both lock and unlock from the outside or from within.

Hide an Extra Key in a Hidden Lock Box. Hiding an extra key is always an effective way to prevent getting locked out. However, hiding keys under pots, fake rocks, or above door jambs is no longer safe since most burglars may be familiar with this already. The best way to hide an extra key is to store it in a secured hidden wall-mounted lockbox with a combination. With this lockbox, you will always have an extra key to use if you happen to lose your keys on your way home. It is also best to let your relatives or trusted friends know of the combination to the lockbox for emergency purposes.

Install Smart Lock Systems. The advancement of technology has produced smart lock systems that will allow you to secure your main privacy door with either a key or by using a keypad. Likewise, there are high-end models of smart lock systems that use your biometrics so you can lock and unlock your doors using your fingerprint.

All the above lock systems will prevent you from getting locked out of your home in the future. You can have a professional locksmith Sydney install any of these three systems for you.