How do you get a broken down car at the garage?

Is your car broken down and the car no longer wants to start? Is there liquid leaking from under the car and do you get a fault message in the dashboard? Is there any damage that prevents you from continuing to drive? The most frequently asked question on these problems is, how do you get your car to the garage? We give you a number of options.

Sometimes you can solve the starting problem yourself and it is very annoying when your car no longer wants to start and you have to have it repaired. Sometimes a starting problem is a matter of a dead or broken battery. Does the car show no sign of life, or does the starter motor not turn around with difficulty? Then try with jumper cables and another car / battery if this helps.

Salvage service

A recovery service is a service that you can call to have your car transported from A to B. The car does not need to be able to drive for this. In most cases, the vehicle of the recovery service has attributes to lift your vehicle.

Have your car towed

Does your car have a connection for a towing eye at the front, and do you also have a towing eye, a towing cable? Then you may be able to tow the car. A car with an automatic gearbox cannot be towed. For this you have to divert to other options.

Sell   your car

Many people decide to sell their car when it breaks down. Not everyone has the money to have the car towed. Also, not everyone has the money for a repair. If your car is damaged and can no longer drive, this can also be a reason to sell it. 

You can easily sell a broken car as well as a damaged car , even when it is on the side of the road. A well-known ad site could offer a solution, but that is often not the fastest way. A car auction, on the other hand, can sell your car in just 1 day, which is desirable for most people when it is unattended on the road.