How Do New Corals Adapt to The Lighting System of Your Aquarium?

Corals often bleach or lose their original colour when they are kept in reef aquarium. The major cause for this issue is that the corals are not allowed properly to adjust to the new intensity of light and colour spectrum. When the corals lose their colour, it is because of extreme stress. They will not be dead, but if it continues then they will die soon. 

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Corals lose their colour when they become stressed and emit zooxanthellae cells. Hence, it is necessary to acclimatize the corals properly. It involves a very simple process and takes less time to complete.

Step 1: Aquarium lights must be turned off. 

If the stock of corals is under darkness the previous day, then it will be difficult for them to adjust to the high aquarium lighting. You can reduce this stress by turning the lights off. Corals that grew under modest illumination are severely damaged in a day or two, if they are exposed to high lighting conditions.

Step 2: Use a large tub to empty the containers

Keep the corals in the same tub when you bring new corals home. It is essential to empty the corals into a large separate container to acclimate them. The main purpose is to develop a pest control dip-based solution and to give enough space to add water. 

Step 3: Every few minutes add half a cup of water from the aquarium

Add water to the tub slowly. Corals are sensitive to change in PH levels. You should also consider the drop in temperature level. The entire process of acclimation should be over in 30 minutes.

Step 4: Pest control dip

This is an optional step. To avoid the risk of parasites and hitchhikers at the tidal gardens, pest control dips are used. Corals are dipped often while moving them between systems to eliminate the threat. You can use two types of pest control dips. One is Coral Rx and the other is Lugol’s iodine. Coral Rx is used to prevent pests like nudibranchs and Lugol’s iodine is used for bacterial infection. 

Step 5: Place the corals into the tank

Place the new corals in a location suitable for their easy flow and where they can receive lower light. Corals take a few days to adapt to the new set of lighting. Use the above step to acclimate the newly arrived corals if you have a quarantine system. Once the period of quarantine is finished, repeat the steps and place the corals in the new display tank. 

Shipping the coral and introducing them into a new environmental setting is a stressful task. Don’t let the corals die. Protect their colours. They make your indoor and outdoor look beautiful. You can get the required information from many sources in this case.