How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Knoxville Help Fight Drug Crime Charges     

Few habits are as debilitating as drug use. Recovery can be a long and arduous process and isn’t always successful. In case of drugs, prevention prevails over cure. And governments across the country have made laws to that effect.

Knoxville, TN, is no different. The city might be a delightful place to settle in, having a very high livability index and a low cost of living, but it has its share of drug problems. Knox county overdose-related deaths increased from 224 in 2016 to 316 in 2017, with a jump of 41.7%. And those figures are for opioid-related deaths alone.

It’s only possible to get hold of hard drugs if there is a supply, and the police are constantly on the lookout for peddlers in the city. They won’t hesitate to charge anyone with drug crime charges if they find even a remote connection with drug possession, transport, distribution, or manufacturing. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, you must get yourself a criminal defense attorney Knoxville at once.

How Your Attorney Can Help

Drug crime charges come with multiple laws and case-related specifications that are not easy but will decide their course. While it is good to know the laws applicable, the sheer volume means that one would need to spend a significant amount of time on it, which is impossible. A criminal defense attorney in Knoxville will be well-versed with the laws and their applicability. And they’ll help in many more ways.

Gathering the Details

The devil is in the details for a case, and drug-related ones are no different. A simple change of terminology can mean the difference between being let off and serving a very long time behind bars. A thorough investigation by the defense lawyer is needed to ensure that all of the case’s details are on point.

They will go through the police reports concerning the charges and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. They will also call all associated parties for evidence, taking notes to add everything they find pertinent.

Formation of Strategy

Getting through a drug case can be a tedious process. Data gathering, witness testimonies, hearing complications, etc., all add to the overall difficulty of ending up with a successful result for the accused.

A well-thought-out strategy is a must-have to keep the chances of that successful result high. A defense lawyer will peer through the gathered details and create such a strategy and the best way to implement it.

Explain the Situation

Tennessee drug laws have different penalties for Schedule I (heroin, psychedelics) and Schedule II (opioids, methamphetamines, and cocaine), their quantity, number of arrests, and the type of charge. The defense lawyer will determine the exact standing of the client and explain the same to them, along with the reasons for it.

Their duties will include managing plea bargains, sentences, outcomes, secondary rules and regulations, witness handling, etc. They will detail the same to the client at opportune moments.

Knoxville can be a haven for those seeking a good life and a tough place for those indulging in drug-related activities. A criminal defense attorney in Knoxville will help in reducing the difficulty for those in the latter position.