Everything You Need To Know About a Walk in Clinic

A walk in clinic, otherwise recognized as convenient care, is a healthcare provider that does not require any appointment. The walk in clinics usually treat non emergency injuries and illnesses and also provide certain lab tests, immunizations, and health screenings.

A typical walk in clinic is generally staffed by the physician’s assistants or nurses, instead of the doctor himself. These clinics aim at offering basic healthcare services when the primary care physician is not available or is very expensive.

Services offered by the walk in clinics

The walk in clinics offer immediate medical care for illnesses or injuries which are not emergency cases. Many of the clinics provide prescriptions and those that can’t usually refer the patients to a doctor or recommend over the counter care remedies.

The non emergency sicknesses include allergic reactions, sore throat, pink eye, ear aches, flu symptoms, upset stomach, and urinary tract issues. The walk in clinics can even treat injuries like minor burns, animal bites, bruising, and sprains. Most provide vaccinations like tetanus or flu shots. Some walk in clinics conduct screening for pregnancy and blood pressure, although they would usually refer the patients to a physician for the actual treatment.

Serious medical conditions such as lacerations, broken bones, and chronic conditions, life threatening emergencies, physical trauma, severe pain, and serious illnesses are not treated at the walk in clinics. Medical conditions like these must be taken care of by the primary care doctors, emergency rooms, or centers for urgent care.

Advantages of the walk in clinics

A walk in clinic can provide two key advantages, cost, and convenience.

You can visit a walk in clinic immediately when you witness the symptoms, instead of waiting for the schedule of your primary care physician to open. Since the walk in clinics generally do not take appointments, the patients are treated by first come, first serve.

Most of the walk in clinics remain open during weekends, evenings, and early mornings when the office of a conventional doctor usually remains closed. This facility can make it quite easier for the patients to obtain immediate medical aid without taking a break from school or work.

The initial medical services offered by the walk in clinics are usually less pricy in comparison to the regular appointment bookings at the office of a doctor and quite cheaper in comparison to visiting an emergency care room.

If you feel a walk in clinic could be a better choice for you, you can discover many options nearby. Many huge drugstore chains now have retail clinics. You can also browse the net for finding out the best walk in clinic that suits your healthcare objectives and requirements. You can also take the necessary suggestions from your friends, family, and neighbors to choose the right walk in clinic. This will make it quite easier for you to take the right decision from the available range of choices.