Easy recipe to prepare Belyashi!

I call Belyashi fried meat pie . you can make them with cheese , cabbage or other materials . never use frozen dough , make it yourself . if you do not have enough time at least by fresh dough , because while you fry Belyashi the appearance of the dough changes or will be brackish on the oil .

belyashi food

Belyashi dough :

the way you make Belyashi ‘s dough is so important . sift flour several time to have spongy dough . measure flour before adding not to be much since it will be tight . the amount of ingredient s depend on number of Belyashi , the quality of dough . by raising or lowering the flour you can make the desired dough . rest it in a warm place , it depends too on your yeast .

Lest make filling :

Choose any meat you like . at Russian recipe you cant use all types of meat . don’t forget dill , carrot , warm water ,onion and your favorite relish . bake all them except water on warm pan . let to volatilize its all water and meat bake well . if you like add mayonnaise on it . if your meat become water less add a little . mix your favorite materials to have your desire sauce . you can use just vegetables like carrot , potato , parsley , onion and dill instead of meat . I think lemon juice should be best choice , I’ll try this soon .

How to make belyashi?

How to make Belyashi ?

take a dough the size of a biscuit , spread it on the board where the flour is sprinkled then fill it . take another part of dough the same size and put on it . stick the edges together with water . make sure they cling tightly and do not open . Russian make hole on their Belyashi , I don’t like this . also you can connect the eddges of the dough with a toothpick , like a bun . if there is some dough left over , cover it not to dry . you can use it to make sweets or even pizza . put Belyashi on hot oil by tong , turn them to fry . if they become brown reduce heat . this time I want to tell you a modern way to cook Belyashi , to be healthy , oil less and be easy . put Belyashi on hot and oily tray . turn the oven on 45 minutes ago . when they changed color , Belyashi is ready .

belyashi recipe

points :

you can apply egg yolk before cooking . also you can sprinkle sesame on Belyashi . make the dough as desired for the kids to enjoy Belyashi . after cooking you can make it more delicious and beautiful with different vegetables like cabbage and lettuce or different sauce . it depends on your taste and art . decorating your dining room can multiply this beauty and pleasure . make sure you can also use cake or biscuit dough available in all stores . to waste less time . I call this pasty food , pie . but Russian call it Belyashi . its name is not important , the material you use , the taste and the way of baking is more important . the best part is eating it with the people you love with the sauce and your own drink . Belyashi can be just an appetizer . experience its unique taste .

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