Want to explore new games online? Read about the Deftouch app to know

With the influx of modern-day technologies and gadgets, traditional games have changed their course. People in recent times enjoy playing conventional games on digital platforms. According to statistics, out of the entire population, 1M+ people are online gamers. To increase this graph, gaming developers are creating more well-equipped online gaming platforms like Deftouch and GetMega. These platforms provide a long list of well-known games to gaming enthusiasts. Since gaming preferences vary from one person to another these platforms provide different genres of games to capture the attention of a diverse audience. 

While some people enjoy playing action-loaded games others like skilled-based games and sports-based games. For all game types, the gaming apps or websites must provide a seamless gaming experience. Gaming developers to create a good gaming platform focuses on building a vibrant User Interface that will make it simple for the audience to interact with the games. Further, gaming apps or websites should offer sophisticated gameplay with intrinsic features like plot, a connection between the players and games, Call to Actions, etc. While we are on the subject of gaming platforms and the games they offer, let’s decipher the same of Deftouch and GetMega in detail. 


Deftouch is an online gaming platform that is built for cricket fans across the world. Though the platform does not offer many variations one can participate in different tournaments and develop many skills. With Deftouch, players can choose real-time multiplayer gaming to experience the enthusiasm and excitement of cricket just like in the field. Here players can enjoy a bot-free cricket experience. This means the gaming app only allows real-time players, thus improving the follower base of this game. Further, Deftouch offers a simple User Interface that helps users with all the information required in the games. With the explicit design, the app’s UI allows players to challenge real-life opponents, who are verified through social media, thus enhancing their playing skills. 

The leaderboard of Deftouch is extremely informational and easy to understand. With the information being put up in a single place, gamers can get a list of leagues and sports. Also, this leaderboard notifies gaming enthusiasts regarding upcoming matches and tournaments. Deftouch’s developers have created a fully optimised gameplay that tries to offer maximum entertainment to the players. With 360 aerial shots and swipe controls, the app delivers next-level fun to cricket fanatics. 


Being a part of the All India Gaming Federation, GetMega offers a myriad of games to players. Based on three categories (Cards, Casual and Trivia), the games provided by this online gaming platform include Rummy, Poker, Carrom, GoPool, Warship, 123, PickMe and GK. With GetMega, real players can enjoy a bot-free gaming experience. The app only after conducting a thorough verification allows players to register on its portal. Further, GetMega developers have created a clean and user-friendly user interface that provides an excellent user experience. The User Interface of this app is intuitive in nature making it easy for the players to interact with the games and earn. 

GetMega’s leaderboards are very impressive. The 24×7 leaderboards of this app are winning-based and task-based. Also, by following these leaderboards one can earn plenty of attractive prizes including gold coins, mobile phones, etc. GetMega with its horizontal and vertical gameplays provides a smooth and versatile user experience. While playing GoPool and Rummy, players can experience horizontal gameplay. And when he plays Carrom, Poker or Warship, the app features vertical gameplay. Further, GetMega developers use vibrant colours for the key elements making it simple for gamers to identify and use. 

Online gaming platforms undoubtedly provide a huge range of games to satisfy the souls of both kids and adults. Next time if you are planning to kill boredom by playing games online, browse through Deftouch and GetMega.

Wish to play cricket like a pro? Download Deftouch and make your own team now! Sharpen your skills and win more money from the app. Experience the smoothest and most lag-free UI with the best sports fantasy platform. The developers have made sure to make the gameplay challenging while keeping a simple UI. So, why not try it yourself?

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